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How 2020 is changing the way that companies approach digital transformation

What is Digital Transformation and why is it so critical? From discussions I’ve had with many, it seems to be a buzzword that is often related to technologies and not to something tangible, business and human-focused. Let’s look at one of the more popular definitions from leading market analysts Gartner.
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digital transformation

Introducing Design Thinking and Digital Transformation into the IBM i World

The iTour was a great team effort that brought together Fresche, IBM and Common Europe including Common Iberia, Common Poland, Common Austria, Common Sweden, Common Denmark, Common Switzerland, Common Luxembourg […]
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Why Web & Mobile Applications Are Crucial for Your Business Growth

Over the last 10 years, we have seen a huge change in usage and adoption of web and mobile applications. In that period, they’ve gone from zero to imperative due […]
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