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Robert Arce

How to Approach IBM i Database Field Resizing

15:28 22 March in Blog, IBM i Developer Productivity, IT Strategy, Staff Augmentation / Skills & Expertise by Robert Arce

Robert Arce is the foremost field resizing expert at Fresche Solutions. When he came to Fresche he immediately adopted X‑Resize, Fresche’s solution to help automate resizing projects. He truly believes in the efficacy of the product and its usefulness in any field resizing effort for...

Innovation Through Your IBM i Applications: Removing the IDK Effect

15:43 03 July in Blog, IBM i Developer Productivity, IT Strategy by Robert Arce

As IT professionals, we should always think about how to improve processes and methods. One of my own experiences involved the need to improve the way orders were being picked in a warehouse. Ultimately, it involved creating management software and using pick-to-light equipment. The improvement reduced the product...