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4 Quick Things You Should Do To Improve Your UI

These days, it seems that you can spend countless hours researching different strategies or rules you must follow when creating, improving, and/or modernizing your application’s UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience). Several […]
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A New Approach to Modernizing your IBM i Applications

Modernize the applications that are at the heart of your current operations and rewrite specific modules to support future growth.
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Cognitive, AI and Fresche!

The 3rd Industrial Revolution was the Digital Revolution with the advancement of Internet, PC and ICT. We have now entered in the 4th Industrial Revolution (1) and as say IBM […]
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The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up Your IT

If you’re an IT manager, you’re in a constant state of analyzing and revising your IT infrastructure: what do you need more of? What has become obsolete? How do you […]
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i for Business

For the Love of i

When our social marketer asked me to put together a post for our blog on Valentine’s Day I thought what in the world am I going to write about on […]
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Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

Since joining Fresche Solutions in August, I have been focused aggressively on working with customers to develop strategies for their modernization projects. The folks here have a great process and […]
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Workflows, Process and Productivity – What More are you Waiting for to Convert Your Green Screens?

Greg Patterson, Senior Sales Engineer in Pre-Sales at Fresche, shares his favorite green screen story: Recently, Greg was onsite at a customer specifically for a data entry issue they were […]
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To Modernize or To Replace, That Is the Question

Your applications are old, they’re getting harder to maintain, it’s difficult to access report-related data, and your business units are asking for improvements to keep up with market demands. As […]
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What Is This Thing Called IBM i?

  What could we tell a new user or customer of IBM i? How could it fundamentally be defined? We might say it’s an operating system, just like Windows, with […]
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