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What Is This Thing Called IBM i?

  What could we tell a new user or customer of IBM i? How could it fundamentally be defined? We might say it’s an operating system, just like Windows, with […]
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Modernizing My IBM i, Really? Three Key Aspects of Modernization

You have a meeting scheduled for this afternoon with a new company executive, and you already know how the conversation will go with regard to the company’s current IT systems: […]
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Why Usability Testing Should Never Be Done By I.T.

Whether your website is a B2B or an internal app, an easy-to-use site can go a long way towards improving operational efficiency. Usability testing is designed to discover the real user experience – something that just can’t be done by people who are intimately involved with developing, maintaining and updating a website.
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Top 5 Things That Bog Developers Down - And How To Fix Them

Since joining Fresche’s Pre-Sales team, I have worked with several IBM i clients looking to improve their IT infrastructure. Whether they wanted to consolidate, modernize or simply understand their IT, […]
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Getting Started with Responsive Web Design for IBM i Applications

What’s in a Name? Responsive? Perhaps web design or IBM i don’t come to mind when you hear the word “responsive”. Merriam Webster’s definition of responsive includes “quick to respond […]
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Overcoming IBM i Staffing Challenges to Meet Your Business Needs

IBM i staffing challenges shouldn’t get in the way of making your company more competitive. Competitive companies are always looking for ways to reduce costs and increase revenues – and […]
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Leverage your investment in IBM i, outpace your competition and create new opportunities

Experience IBM i and the trusted relationships you have built in a whole new way. How the Fresche ecosystem can help your company grow When Fresche announced the launch of […]
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IBM i Market Is Looking for Help to Modernize

Start modernizing your IBM i application, with Fresche Solutions, that will deliver the best value and come up with a modernization strategy.
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This is what IBM i organizations think about modernization?

Application modernization is a realistic IT initiative, right? Especially now-a-days with all of the open source, mobile and web capability that’s available on IBM i.
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