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Automated IBM i Report and Document Distribution

Automated Report Distribution

Catapult is an award-winning automated distribution tool that reliably delivers spool files and PC files in the format people want. Sending documents digitally gives you an immediate ROI through reduced distribution costs.

What You Can Do With Catapult

Distribute Reports

Automatically deliver spool files and documents via email, print, network drives or a web portal.

Convert Spool Files

Transform spool files into PDF, RTF and HTML, add overlays, or extract data to XLS using EZ-Pickin’s.

Parse Reports

Send full reports or only the relevant sections to people using intelligent distribution and parsing.


The Clover SmartCharts templates create bar, line and pie charts. The charts use SmartCharts™, which consists of charts and key performance indicators (KPIs) that provide instant snapshots of vital business metrics and help you visually improve the communication of business information. All SmartCharts are included at no additional cost and can easily be integrated with Clover.
"Catapult has made it easy for us to save time and money by allowing us to split reports and deliver them by email to the responsible parties. This has allowed our managers and salespeople to truly have mobile offices."
Mike Escott

A Look at Catapult

How Automating Spool File Distribution with Catapult Reduces Costs
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How Catapult Can Help You:

Reduce Printing Costs

Save money by digitally distributing reports. Some clients have reduced the paper they print by 90%, saving them thousands each month.

Reduce IT Reporting Burden

Reduce users' dependence on IT staff to find reports or convert them into XLS. Automated report distribution and parsing also reduce the number of reports that IT staff need to write.

Save Time with Digital Automation

Employees save countless hours because they no longer have to file, search, print and mail paper reports. Catapult also eliminates the need to rekey data into spreadsheets.

User Satisfaction

Employees, partners and customers get the information they need on time and in the format they want. They can also have secure access to the reports from a web portal.

Improve Customer Service

Your customers receive reports and documents such as purchase orders in minutes instead of days. Accounts payable will process invoices faster and more reliably.

Security and Compliance

Catapult lets you control who can distribute reports. It also provides a history log of all activities to adhere to your compliance needs.

Key Technical Features

  • Flexible selection criteria (report name, queue, etc.)
  • Email with many options
  • Extract email addresses, fax numbers or printers
  • Bulk of client/server workload handled on PC
  • Convert to PDF, RTF, HTML, TXT, TIF, PRN
  • Web archiving and enterprise content management