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Making a Case for Code and Database Modernization

The dawn of this decade witnessed drastic changes and the ways of doing business have been altered forever. In the face of such monumental changes, companies have realized that modernization […]
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DDS to DDL Table Conversion - SQL Database

DDS Physical Files to DDL Table Conversion – Why?

Have you ever thought about modernizing your database? A lot of IBM i companies have replaced the green screen with a graphical interface and converted their legacy monolithic programs into […]
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Happy 31st Birthday, IBM i

Happy birthday, IBM i. What’s the significance of this celebration that June 21st has for the IBM i community? IBM chose the release date of the AS/400 to celebrate the start of what has become the modern IBM i on Power Systems platform. So there’s an evolution. It happened to be the 21st of June 1988, and today, June 21, 2019, is the 31st birthday.
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Java and i (Part 1) – How to Connect Spring Boot to the IBM Db2 for i Database

Introduction: Connect Spring Boot to the IBM Db2 for i Database This is the first part of a series of technical articles about Java and IBM i integration, called "Java […]
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Agile front

This Thing Called Agile (and Why It’s Great for IBM i!)

Change is a Good Thing. We improve only when we do something different. Think about it: people who want to lose weight will try to change what they eat and […]
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IBM i transformation

How to Start Off Your IBM i System’s Transformation

How to Start Off Your IBM i System’s Transformation “The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” - Lao Tzu My family and I have a begun a […]
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IBM i modernization projects - Cleanup on Aisle New

There are some fundamental parts in almost all IBM i modernization projects: - Reengineer the database (DB2 for i) - Refactor the code (RPG or COBOL) - Improve the user […]
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Cognitive, AI and Fresche!

The 3rd Industrial Revolution was the Digital Revolution with the advancement of Internet, PC and ICT. We have now entered in the 4th Industrial Revolution (1) and as say IBM […]
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Modernizing My IBM i, Really? Three Key Aspects of Modernization

You have a meeting scheduled for this afternoon with a new company executive, and you already know how the conversation will go with regard to the company’s current IT systems: […]
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