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IBM i (AS/400) Application Modernization: Getting Quick Results with Web and Mobile Development

If your company had to rethink the way it did business when the pandemic hit, you’re not alone. For many organizations that rely on IBM i applications, the closure of offices, stores and clinics has forced them to adapt to a new reality.
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Happy 31st Birthday, IBM i

Happy birthday, IBM i. What’s the significance of this celebration that June 21st has for the IBM i community? IBM chose the release date of the AS/400 to celebrate the start of what has become the modern IBM i on Power Systems platform. So there’s an evolution. It happened to be the 21st of June 1988, and today, June 21, 2019, is the 31st birthday.
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Java and i (Part 1) – How to Connect Spring Boot to the IBM Db2 for i Database

Introduction: Connect Spring Boot to the IBM Db2 for i Database This is the first part of a series of technical articles about Java and IBM i integration, called "Java […]
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True Confessions of a Former DBA Denier

In the early 2000s, I was responsible for competitive analysis for IBM’s AS/400, then iSeries and now IBM i platform.  On one level, the job was simple: demonstrate how IBM […]
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Fresche off the Line: Mobile-Friendly IBM i Analytics Help Health Care Providers Make Better Decisions

Same Powerful Engine No, this is isn’t a new car review. This is a great example of an IBM i organization that has modern web-based applications and dashboards as a […]
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Introducing Design Thinking and Digital Transformation into the IBM i World

The iTour was a great team effort that brought together Fresche, IBM and Common Europe including Common Iberia, Common Poland, Common Austria, Common Sweden, Common Denmark, Common Switzerland, Common Luxembourg […]
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The improved, smart approach to IBM i modernization with Newlook 10.6

Newlook 10.6 As you may already know, Newlook Suite is an integrated toolset that simplifies and improves the process of generating graphical UIs and modernizing IBM i applications. Numerous clients, […]
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What’s New in IBM i Green Screen UI Modernization with Presto 7.3

From out of the Box to Enhanced to Mobile… to Version 7.3 We recently released Presto 7.3, the latest version of one of our green screen UI modernization solutions. This […]
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Part 2: Business Benefits of Strategic Web Applications for IBM i Shops

Modernize Your Green Screens Simplify your Delivery Your green screen applications can be modernized and transformed so they are delivered in the browser. This can be done using third-party tools […]
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For Your Eyes Only

How to Keep your IBM i Environment Secure and Future-Proof it IBM i modernization projects are complex. Multiple issues need to be considered with modernization. How ‘deep’ you go in […]
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