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Java and i (Part 2) – Running Spring Boot App on IBM i

Nevertheless, a Spring Boot app is usually deployed in a home folder that is organized as shown below. Let’s take boottest app as an example in Qshell.
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Happy 31st Birthday, IBM i

Happy birthday, IBM i. What’s the significance of this celebration that June 21st has for the IBM i community? IBM chose the release date of the AS/400 to celebrate the start of what has become the modern IBM i on Power Systems platform. So there’s an evolution. It happened to be the 21st of June 1988, and today, June 21, 2019, is the 31st birthday.
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Java and i (Part 1) – How to Connect Spring Boot to the IBM Db2 for i Database

Introduction: Connect Spring Boot to the IBM Db2 for i Database This is the first part of a series of technical articles about Java and IBM i integration, called "Java […]
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Robert Arce

How to Approach IBM i Database Field Resizing

Robert Arce is the foremost field resizing expert at Fresche Solutions. When he came to Fresche he immediately adopted X‑Resize, Fresche’s solution to help automate resizing projects. He truly believes […]
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Watson AI

New Training Series Helps IBM i Community Capitalize on Power of Watson AI

The old adage “knowledge is power” takes on new heights when you throw AI into the mix and start running your business by the data. Powerful data analytics, automation, cloud […]
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PhP7 on IBM i

PHP 7 on IBM i: More Performance, More Security

For many folks in and around the PHP community, PHP 7 is old news. But for some IBM i shops that are VERY busy with new requirements and day to […]
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Newlook Suite

The improved, smart approach to IBM i modernization with Newlook 10.6

Newlook 10.6 As you may already know, Newlook Suite is an integrated toolset that simplifies and improves the process of generating graphical UIs and modernizing IBM i applications. Numerous clients, […]
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What’s New in IBM i Green Screen UI Modernization with Presto 7.3

From out of the Box to Enhanced to Mobile… to Version 7.3 We recently released Presto 7.3, the latest version of one of our green screen UI modernization solutions. This […]
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PHP on IBM i

Troubleshooting Performance with PHP on IBM i

So you have a PHP application running on your IBM i, but you’re starting to get complaints about performance. What do you do? Where do you look? Hopefully some of the tips below can give you a head start.
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Innovation Through Your IBM i Applications: Removing the IDK Effect

As IT professionals, we should always think about how to improve processes and methods. One of my own experiences involved the need to improve the way orders were being picked in […]
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