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Part 2: Business Benefits of Strategic Web Applications for IBM i Shops

11:36 26 July in Blog, Green Screen Modernization, IT Strategy, Staff Augmentation / Skills & Expertise, Web & Mobile Development by Kevin Cronin

Modernize Your Green Screens Simplify your Delivery Your green screen applications can be modernized and transformed so they are delivered in the browser. This can be done using third-party tools with minimal or no screen level customization! It is relatively low risk and can often be done...

Innovation Through Your IBM i Applications: Removing the IDK Effect

15:43 03 July in Blog, IBM i Developer Productivity, IT Strategy by Robert Arce

As IT professionals, we should always think about how to improve processes and methods. One of my own experiences involved the need to improve the way orders were being picked in a warehouse. Ultimately, it involved creating management software and using pick-to-light equipment. The improvement reduced the product...

IBM i modernization projects – Cleanup on Aisle New

09:28 25 April in Blog, Code & Database Transformation, Green Screen Modernization, IBM i Developer Productivity, IT Strategy by Michael Ryan

There are some fundamental parts in almost all IBM i modernization projects: - Reengineer the database (DB2 for i) - Refactor the code (RPG or COBOL) - Improve the user interface (DDS or panels) Of course, the details of these three components are what makes modernization discussions so interesting. How...