IT Strategy

Modernizing My IBM i, Really? Three Key Aspects of Modernization

12:28 12 December in Blog, Code & Database Transformation, Green Screen Modernization, IT Strategy, Web & Mobile Development by Daniel Lefebvre

You have a meeting scheduled for this afternoon with a new company executive, and you already know how the conversation will go with regard to the company’s current IT systems: "What’s with these old green screens? At the previous company I worked for, we used solution...

Overcoming IBM i Staffing Challenges to Meet Your Business Needs

12:00 15 June in Blog, IBM i Developer Productivity, IT Strategy, Staff Augmentation / Skills & Expertise by Chris Koppe

IBM i staffing challenges shouldn’t get in the way of making your company more competitive. Competitive companies are always looking for ways to reduce costs and increase revenues – and this business reality strongly affects the IT department. Unless your company uses technology (including your IBM...