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Fuel Your 2024 IT Strategies: Essential IBM i Modernization Webinars

As you step into the new year, explore this curated set of educational sessions hosted by IBM i experts, designed to inspire innovative IT strategies in 2024 and guide you […]
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How IBM i Shops Are Benefitting from Outsource Solutions

Dwindling IBM i skillsets. Experienced talent heading to retirement. What else is new? This ongoing concern for IBM i shops is highlighted daily in numerous ways. For example, how many times have you heard...
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Happy 31st Birthday, IBM i

Happy birthday, IBM i. What’s the significance of this celebration that June 21st has for the IBM i community? IBM chose the release date of the AS/400 to celebrate the start of what has become the modern IBM i on Power Systems platform. So there’s an evolution. It happened to be the 21st of June 1988, and today, June 21, 2019, is the 31st birthday.
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How to Approach IBM i Database Field Resizing

Robert Arce is the foremost field resizing expert at Fresche Solutions. When he came to Fresche he immediately adopted X‑Resize, Fresche’s solution to help automate resizing projects. He truly believes […]
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Fresche off the Line: Mobile-Friendly IBM i Analytics Help Health Care Providers Make Better Decisions

Same Powerful Engine No, this is isn’t a new car review. This is a great example of an IBM i organization that has modern web-based applications and dashboards as a […]
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New Training Series Helps IBM i Community Capitalize on Power of Watson AI

The old adage “knowledge is power” takes on new heights when you throw AI into the mix and start running your business by the data. Powerful data analytics, automation, cloud […]
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Don’t Build a Team Out of Resources

You can probably tell where I’m going with this piece just by the title: people are so much more than “resources”. Much ink has been spilled and uncounted column inches […]
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Part 2: Business Benefits of Strategic Web Applications for IBM i Shops

Modernize Your Green Screens Simplify your Delivery Your green screen applications can be modernized and transformed so they are delivered in the browser. This can be done using third-party tools […]
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Reasons to Join Me at COMMON's POWERUp18

I’m headed to San Antonio for COMMON’s POWERUp18 conference to mingle with industry people, collaborate with colleagues from far and wide, and of course, this year I also have several […]
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Overcoming IBM i Staffing Challenges to Meet Your Business Needs

IBM i staffing challenges shouldn’t get in the way of making your company more competitive. Competitive companies are always looking for ways to reduce costs and increase revenues – and […]
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