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June 15, 2017

Experience IBM i and the trusted relationships you have built in a whole new way.

How the Fresche ecosystem can help your company grow

When Fresche announced the launch of the Power Partner Program on September 1, 2016 to the IBM i community, we announced a program where all could benefit from driving IBM i business. Whether you are a VAR, ISV, CSP or MSP, your expertise and offering can play a strategic role in the Fresche Solutions ecosystem and Power Partner Program.

Our Ecosystem

A big part of what drives business in our ecosystem is the need for hardware and OS upgrades, increased storage and cloud hosting and infrastructure services. There is tremendous need within the IBM i client base for solutions that take advantage of modern, open source languages, new hardware, cloud-based solutions and more. The Fresche ecosystem is made up of influencers who provide insight and recommendations to clients. They are companies, consultants, thought leaders, the media, analysts, etc., who have a major impact on the views, approaches and choices that clients make with regards to their IT. When clients invest in their applications, it drives investment into the infrastructure and ultimately into the ecosystem. Furthermore, clients look to their current vendors for recommendations on other aspects of their IT. Joining forces with other members of the ecosystem and working together is key.

The ecosystem lends itself to greater opportunity for all its members as a whole because it puts organizations in contact with companies that provide complementary services to their own, thus adding further incentive for prospective clients to buy. Working together extends our reach, leverages our collective expertise and gives clients clear direction and the knowledge that they will be fully supported in all aspects of their IT.

Our Power Partner Program

The Power Partner Program takes the Fresche Solutions Ecosystem a step further. Whether you are an independent IT consultant, a large systems integrator or a value-added reseller, the Power Partner program gives member resellers access to a broad portfolio of IBM i solutions, enabling you to deliver more to your clients and grow your business.

Fresche power partners gain access to Fresche’s complete portfolio of end-to-end IBM i solutions and the products and services provided by member VARs, CSPs, ISVs and MSPs. Our family of products covers a range of needs, from discovery to modernization to document generation to code transformation. Drive further business by joining Fresche’s distribution channel, offering your clients more options than ever before.

The Power Partner Program offers members:

  • Access to the single largest global application management & modernization portfolio, to help evolve the services side of your business
  • Dedicated Channel Managers, covering all regions in the world
  • A competitive program
  • Co-marketing funds
  • Modern Web-based Business Partner Portal
  • Proven quality solutions and a 100% focus on IBM i and Power
  • Marketing support
  • Multi-tier training and onboarding program

We have a dedicated channel team who looks forward to engaging with you and sharing how we can work together to increase your success in the IBM i marketplace. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge, tools, strategies and support essential to drive your success and grow your offerings.

Case Study

Below is a great example of how members of our ecosystem and Power Partner Program worked together to address client pains through a network that leveraged its members. Through referrals, combined expertise and an expanded suite of offerings, the scope of the project was increased and the time frame was kept small for all involved.

In this case study, Fresche Business Partner R2i referred us to their partner Millennium Group based in California. R2i and Millennium both resellers, had built a strong relationship over the years of referring each other’s solutions for different types of add on services. Millennium, the trusted advisor of their end client, recognized an opportunity to reinvent themselves by offering a solution that would reduce risk and solve business needs; Millennium became resellers of Fresche’s X-Analysis suite of offerings. During the implementation, while assisting their client, they recognized other needs, so together Fresche and Millennium began bringing the right expertise to the client by adding a CSP to host their hardware and an MSP to manage their infrastructure.

IBM and the IBM i are at the core of our clients’ mission-critical applications. Become a part of Fresche’s ecosystem and see how your organization can benefit from and contribute to a thriving IBM i network. Learn more about how to join Fresche’s Power Partner Program and position your company to deliver better value to clients and meet their evolving needs.

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