Fresche Legacy’s IT Modernization Road Map Eliminates Mainframe Environment For Major North American Railway

Fresche Legacy’s IT Modernization Road Map Eliminates Mainframe Environment For Major North American Railway

13:43 19 March in News Archive

Montreal, Canada – Fresche Legacy’s recently completed detailed IT migration modernization roadmap of mission-critical IT applications will eliminate the mainframe environment at a major North American railway providing $10 million in cost savings and improved performance.

Fresche Legacy’s comprehensive plan envisions retiring the mainframe environment by migrating more than 100 applications representing more than 1000 MIPs to a commodity computing platform using a Linux platform and a Sybase database. Commodity computing platforms provide high functionality and high performance at a competitive price. The 100 plus applications support multiple business processes in major functional areas. This IT transformation will enhance the railway’s technical infrastructure, reduce costs and improve the efficiency of its IT applications.

The North American railway business is highly competitive. Most companies depend upon robust, state-of-the-art IT platforms to give them a competitive advantage. This technology helps in all aspects of the business including optimizing the scheduling and routing of trains and cars as well as ensuring that rolling stock is maintained with the correct frequency.

Fresche Legacy was contracted by the railway as a strategic advisor to perform a mainframe migration discovery, assessment and analysis. This analysis provided the customer with a clear understanding of the challenges including; inventory of objects, re-hosting requirements, re-hosting tools, effort, cost and timeline required to accomplish the mainframe migration. Fresche’s extensive migration modernization roadmap convinced the customer that this migration and re-hosting would create significant value by helping the railway more effectively meet its short and long-term business goals.

At Fresche Legacy our goal is to ensure our customers’ businesses run better by making their IT run better. Our expertise, commitment and proven approach to rebuilding and creating additional value to business-critical legacy IT applications, as well as our focus to reduce the significant costs of supporting legacy systems, is why large and small companies around the globe choose to partner with us.

Fresche Legacy, formerly Speedware, is one of North America’s leading providers of end-to-end legacy management and IT modernization solutions. Experts in application transformation and application support services for IBM mainframe, IBM i (AS/400) platform, and HP e3000 systems.

That’s what we do. That’s Fresche Legacy.

About Fresche Legacy
Fresche Legacy (formerly Speedware) modernizes legacy applications and manages legacy environments. With more than 35 years in the industry, and a client list of top Fortune 500 companies, Fresche Legacy helps companies align IT with key business goals to increase financial performance, improve market competitiveness, remove risk and add value.

We re-host, re-write and re-architect business-critical applications where needed, plus we have the knowledge and experience to plan, manage and support the entire process. We handle the full lifecycle of your project from concept to maintenance, and with our disciplined and unique five-step methodology, we ensure success on every project.

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