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IBM i Web Services / APIs / SOA

Your IBM i is an open platform and modern languages such as PHP open many possibilities for integration with other systems via APIs and web services. This allows you to provide a more seamless experience for your end users.

Fresche offers the flexibility leverage existing applications and create reusable components within your web and mobile applications, modernized green screens and web portal. Taking advantage of modern SOA concepts enables you to improve agility, simplify maintenance and boost developer productivity.

Delivering modern web applications offers advantages and add business value.

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SOA / Web Services Benefits

Leverage IBM i resources
Integrate with other technologies, platforms and data sources
Improve agility
Simplify maintenance
Increase developer productivity
Future-proof IBM i applications

Solutions to Modernize your IBM i System

Newlook is an integrated set of products that are designed to work together to simplify the process of modernizing IBM i applications. It provides all of the tools you need to modernize IBM i green screens. It handles refacing, integration, web services, mobile and cloud enablement and more.
Presto gives your IBM i green screens and new RPG programs a modern web GUI using the 5250 datastream or RPG Open Access. It also gives you endless opportunities to add new functionality, deploy mobile applications and integrate with other technologies.
WebSmart is a rapid development tool for creating RPG, PHP and Node.js desktop and mobile web applications. Responsive templates help you create applications in minutes, which can be customized in the IDE.
Nexus Portal is an IBM i hosted web portal solution that gives employees, vendors and/or customers secure, organized access to enterprise information from their browser. It increases end user and IT staff productivity and improves information sharing by providing a centralized framework for users to access multiple sources of information.

Web Application Development Services

Partner with Fresche to kickstart or complete your project. Our team of full-time IBM i and Fresche solution experts can help you improve workflows, integrate with other platforms, develop sophisticated applications and much more.

Key Features

  • New Data
    Embed new data to your screens from DB2, MySQL or other databases and platforms.
  • Desktop Integration
    Integrate your web applications with Windows applications (e.g. Microsoft Office) to provide a more seamless experience that saves time.
  • Open Source
    Use technologies (e.g. PHP, Node.js, JSON) and frameworks (e.g. Bootstrap) to speed up development.
  • Portals
    Access your modernized applications from web portals that include links to other enterprise information.
  • Web Application Integration
    Link modernized green screens to other web applications to streamline the user experience. You can also leverage web services and APIs for credit card processing and retrieving data, such as shipment information, from other servers.

IBM i Green Screen Modernization UI eBook

Learn how IBM i web and mobile applications can add value to your organization by driving revenue, increasing competitive advantage and delighting end users.
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Web services used to transform online reservation system

“The automated system eliminated 3-5 minutes of re-keying data per transaction. Trainees get it right away. We are saving approximately 15 hours of training time for new staff because they are already familiar with the graphical interface. What this has done is greatly improve inventory control, which is a huge deal. Inventory assignment is much more accurate because the system now works in realtime.”

– Paul Prudhomme, Developer
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