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August 11, 2015

A Fresche New Approach To IT Solutions “IT can make you smile”

Montreal, Canada – One of North America’s leading IT legacy management companies is now Fresche Legacy. Speedware, a provider of end-to-end legacy management and IT modernization solutions since 1976 is rebranding with a fresh approach to helping companies align their IT applications with their business objectives.

“We have a long, successful track record providing IT legacy management solutions that make our customers smile. For us this commitment is absolute and without exception. In fact, we own it. Our management team and employees believe so strongly in Fresche Legacy that in 2010 we bought the company”, said Andy Kulakowski, President and CEO of Fresche Legacy. “We intend to continue to grow, one satisfied customer at a time.”

“IT can make you smile”
Our conviction that IT can make you smile is unconditional. It’s what we at Fresche Legacy call 100% customer referenceability. Look it up. It’s not in the dictionary. We invented it. 100% customer referenceability means you can pick up the phone and call every single one of our clients and get an exceptional reference. Fresche Legacy has partnered with, and provided legacy IT solutions for some of the world’s leading companies including ING, HP and Microsoft.

“We are just one example of referenceability,” commented Mr. Mike Scroggins, CIO of SBCTC. “The Speedware team really helped us transform our applications to be fully responsive to our business needs. Their proven approach allowed us to reduce costs and increase revenue. They made us smile. We wish them continued success under the new Fresche Legacy brand”.

“We embrace the future because we believe we’re one step ahead of it. And we bring with us our proven approach to rebuilding and restoring value to business-critical IT applications. We are very excited about the launch of Fresche Legacy because it represents a bright future and new start for us as owners of our business," added Mr. Kulakowski.

Why Fresche Legacy?
We chose Fresche Legacy because it reminds us of where we’re from and it speaks to how we see the future – bright and new.  Being rooted yet visionary also happens to be the way we see Legacy Management. It’s about the future and building on the past to bring value to the marketplace and solutions to our clients.

What’s new and exciting at Fresche Legacy; is our proven and unique 5-step transformation methodology we call our Fresche Approach to legacy transformation. We take you from concept to maintenance with an incremental approach that minimizes project risk and cost. The Fresche ApproachTM provides project predictability, increased business agility and a modern, maintainable IT environment. Whether you’re a business, government or educational institution you can use our comprehensive approach, or choose the individual step that fits best with your current need. We provide you with a single point of responsibility and a 100% referenceable track record. We allow your business to run better by making your IT run better.

That’s what we do. That’s Fresche Legacy.

About Fresche Legacy
Legacy Fresche Legacy (formerly Speedware) modernizes legacy applications and manages legacy environments. With more than 35 years in the industry, and a client list of top Fortune 500 companies, Fresche Legacy helps companies align IT with key business goals to increase financial performance, improve market competitiveness, remove risk and add value. We re-host, re-write and re-architect business-critical applications where needed, plus we have the knowledge and experience to plan, manage and support the entire process. We handle the full lifecycle of your project from concept to maintenance, and with our disciplined and unique five-step methodology, we ensure success on every project.

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