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New Training Series Helps IBM i Community Capitalize on Power of Watson AI

February 6, 2019
Christine McDowell

The old adage “knowledge is power” takes on new heights when you throw AI into the mix and start running your business by the data. Powerful data analytics, automation, cloud computing and machine learning are catapulting organizations in their markets. All of this insight provides organizations with the ability to make better, informed decisions about where they need to invest to better serve their clients, improve operations and grow their business.

Forbes has a great article that speaks to the importance of data-driven initiatives and the predictions of what will be top of mind for organizations in 2019.

So what are IBM i clients saying and is this talk actually translating into action? I would absolutely say it is, based on my many discussions with members of the IBM i community at Common 2018 last year. Their interest in AI was a huge eye opener. Every year, I regularly speak with 500 or more people at the Fresche booth and this year, the interest in AI, machine learning and predictive analytics was off the charts. People are incredibly excited about the potential use of Watson (IBMs suite of AI services, applications & tooling) and are actively trying to understand what it is and how best to use it in their organizations.

The Watson Driveway education sessions were a great way for IBM i clients to learn. The sessions were so successful that Fresche and IBM discussed innovative ways in which we could make them more accessible to IBM i clients worldwide. We concluded that virtual sessions would give clients the ability to train more people, learn at their own pace and take advantage of online training costs.

Online learning Power users can access from anywhere and at anytime

Fresche’s Watson AI training is delivered through two series of three online courses that Power users can access from anywhere and view at any time. Each training series can be purchased individually or as a bundle, and training is delivered on your schedule and at your pace via Fresche’s powerful eLearning system.

First Series: Connecting Your IBM i Applications to Watson

• Course 1: Introduction to Watson and IBM Cloud (Bluemix)

• Course 2: Integrating RPG with Watson and Creating REST APIs with Ease

• Course 3: Connecting to IBM i and Watson from Open Source

Second Series: Connecting Your IBM i Data to Watson

• Course 1: Db2 for i and Watson Analytics

• Course 2: Db2 for i and the Art of the Possible with Watson Services in IBM Cloud (Bluemix)

• Course 3: Prepping and Untangling Data for Watson

Watson AI

You can get registered today by accessing our portal.

About Watson
Powered by the latest innovations in machine learning, Watson lets you do more with your data. You can integrate AI into your most important business processes by building models from scratch or by leveraging IBM’s APIs and pre-trained business solutions. Watson helps businesses do all of the following:

• Accelerate research and discovery, so you act on data, rather than searching for it;

• Enrich interactions by reducing response times and increasing productivity;

• Anticipate and preempt disruptions to improve operations;

• Help make recommendations with confidence by considering all possible factors;

• Scale expertise and learning by combining every employee’s expertise with your industry’s latest learning;

• Detect liabilities and mitigate risk by staying abreast of new regulations and privacy standards.

More details on IBM Watson can be found on the IBM website here:

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