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The improved, smart approach to IBM i modernization with Newlook 10.6

October 31, 2018
Judi Gibson

Newlook 10.6

As you may already know, Newlook Suite is an integrated toolset that simplifies and improves the process of generating graphical UIs and modernizing IBM i applications.

Numerous clients, including Adidas, Volvo, Vail Resorts and Stafford Group have used it to give their IBM i applications a new look, improve their customer or employee experience and reduce operation time and costs.

The Newlook development team are currently working hard to redevelop Smartclient, Smartframe and the Deployment tool to use a modern code base and remove dependencies on Active-X and Internet Explorer.

Version 10.6 gives you early access to the new v11 Smartclient and Smartframe products, which are due for release early next year. Some of the improvements available in the current Beta release include:

• Re-designed controls, improvements to layout and more intuitive UI.

• Updated Smartframe preview, which allows you to automatically load your open solution in the Beta Smartframe template, with no reliance on Active-X or Internet Explorer.

• New Smartframe HTML/CSS and JS template; more compact, modern and simple.

Version 10.6 also includes the following enhancements:

• The ability to provide your own API key for Google Maps controls used in Newlook solutions.

• A front-end UI for Newlook Server’s API and REST web services.

• Export feature for 80/20 tool in Insights.

These new features provide you with an expanded set of options to modernize your IBM i’s UX and UI. Remember that Newlook’s rule-based recognition engine performs most of the work automatically, handling re-facing, integration, web services, mobile and cloud enablement and more. If you have any concerns or questions, feel free to reach out to me!

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