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Modern Web GUI

Drive user satisfaction and reduce training costs by transforming your green screens to modern web applications with Presto.
  • Instant Modern UI: Convert your green screen programs to a modern web application instantly. Presto auto-detects elements like menu screens, subfiles & function keys and transforms them into web elements.
  • Intuitive Navigation: Improve screen navigation with mouse-driven functionalities such as clickable buttons, links, dropdown lists and tabs.
  • Easy Deployment and Access: Enable access to all green screen applications as web pages for end-users by installing Presto on the IBM i server – doing away with client installation saves you time and reduces deployment costs.

Visual Editor

Improve the look and functionality of screens without web development experience using Presto's Visual Editor.
  • Drag-and-Drop Interface: Enhance your screen by adding modern elements like headers, containers, tabs, images, charts, buttons and icons using the drag-and-drop GUI.
  • UI Elements & Google Maps: Transform input fields to date pickers, checkboxes or dropdown lists for a better UI and to speed up data entry. Presto also allows you to add links to PDFs, Word documents or other files and integrate Google maps to your screens without code.
  • JavaScript Events: Add JavaScript events to customize your screens further – you can add elements within the Visual Editor to hide/display elements when clicked, trigger autocomplete on an input, populate the command line with a button click, and more.

Site-Level Settings

Accelerate the modernization of your IBM i applications by applying the same settings to all your web-enabled green screens.
  • Global Settings: Define the look and behavior of elements like function keys, menu screens and subfile screens on every web-enabled screen.
  • Global Transformations: Create site-level rules to customize your web-enabled screens based on a pre-defined pattern.
  • Custom Skins: Customize Presto’s skin with the GUI skin editor to match your brand such as color schemes and logo.

Data-driven UI Elements

Use SQL within the Visual Editor to extend your web-enabled screens beyond the 5250 datastream.
  • SQL Queries: Create and use SQL queries for integrating Db2 data in your web-enabled screens. Use values from a screen (e.g.: usernames) and library lists to dynamically display data.
  • Data-driven Inputs & Charts: Use SQL queries to populate UI elements like dropdown lists, autocompletes and charts with Db2 data.
  • CSV/HTML Data Export: Provide users Db2 data as CSV spreadsheets or HTML pages that can be accessed with Microsoft Excel, without the need for copying and pasting data.

Productivity Tools

Enhance your end-users’ experience and satisfaction with Presto’s productivity features.
  • Spool File Access: Access IBM i spool files from any web-enabled screen and view them in PDF format. You can then download, email or print them on any printer connected to your PC.
  • Macros: Improve the workflow for end-users – Presto’s secure sever-side macros allow you to automate actions such as navigation and data entry.
  • Insights: Prioritize modernization efforts based on data - learn how your end-users use your application with Presto Insights that visually displays how they spend their time in the application.

Mobile Support

Access your business applications from iPads, iPhones, or other mobile devices.
  • Responsive Skin: Make your applications look great on any device - Presto’s responsive skin adjusts the layout and styling of certain elements on the screen (such as subfile tables) to match the available screen size.
  • Mobile Customizations: Apply a separate set of customizations to your web-enabled screens when running on mobile devices and test those customizations from within Presto’s Editor.
  • Keyboard for Function Keys: Enhance mobile users’ experience with the virtual keyboard for function keys.

Integration and Security

Integrate other web applications & technologies with your system and secure them with standard technologies including SSL, firewalls, proxy servers & VPN servers.
  • Web App/API Integration: Communicate with and launch web applications like WebSmart programs from within your web-enabled green screens. With Presto, you can also integrate these screens with other APIs that support e-commerce functions like credit card approvals, shipment tracking, etc.
  • Export/Import Customizations: Integrate your Presto environment with a change management tool such as Git, SVN, MDCMS or others that can keep track of your changes.
  • Kerberos Support & 2FA: Provide Single Sign-On (SSO) to end-users using Kerberos. Protect your web-enabled screens with Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) by integrating Presto with Fresche’s Nexus portal.

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