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IBM i (AS/400) Green Screen UI Modernization

Give Your IBM i Green Screens a Modern Web GUI That’s Accessible from Any Device

Presto is the fastest way to give your IBM i green screens and new RPG programs a modern web GUI using the 5250 datastream, APIs or RPG Open Access. It also gives you endless opportunities to add new functionality.

What You Can Do With Presto

Strategic Web Apps

Modern Web GUI

Keep your IBM i relevant in the eyes of end users and management by giving your existing green screens and new RPG programs a web GUI.

New Functionality

Increase productivity by adding drop down boxes, tabs, datepickers, images, charts and more to your web-enabled screens.
Mobile Web Apps

Mobile Access

Access all of your modernized IBM I green screens internally or remotely from iPads, iPhones, and other tablets and smartphones.

A look at Presto

See how Presto gives your IBM i green screens a modern UI
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How Presto Can Help You

Intuitive Web GUI

Presto transforms your green screens into modern, intuitive web pages that increase user satisfaction and reduce training costs.

Immediate Results

Your existing green screens are instantly accessible as modern web pages without requiring changes to your source code.

Easy Deployment and Access

Users only need a browser to access the web-enabled screens internally or remotely from desktops or mobile devices.

End User Productivity

Improve workflows by enhancing screens with tabs, drop downs, autocompletes, datepickers, macros, and more without coding HTML.

Leverage and Future-Proof IBM i

Leverage existing applications to meet current business needs while providing the agility to take advantage of future technologies, such as AI.

RESTful APIs and Web Services

Provide a more seamless end user experience by using APIs / Web Services to integrate with additional web applications and data sources.
Presto is a game changer. Out of the box, Presto converted our existing applications and OS screens into web applications that we can use on mobile devices, all without requiring us to change any code. I’m a 25+ year IBM i (RPG) developer but learning this tool was simple with a minimal learning curve. In my opinion, Presto should be shipped with every IBM i sold."
Gene Schumacher
J.R. Simplot

Key Technical Features

Out of the Box Rendering

  • On-the-fly HTML rendering – no source needed
  • Auto detects subfiles, function keys and more
  • Customizable skins and other global settings

Visual Editor

  • Add date pickers, images, tabs and more
  • Include links to PDF, Excel and other files
  • Use SQL for charts, autocompletes and drop downs


  • Heat map of IBM i application usage
  • Visually shows how users spend time in applications
  • Helps you priortize application modernization needs

Mobile, APIs and Portals

  • Responsive screens optimized for desktop/mobile
  • Integrate with other web apps using links and APIs
  • Optional Nexus Portal for secure, menu-based access
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eBook: The Business Case for IBM I Green Screen UI Modernization

Learn how IBM i web and mobile applications add value to your organization by driving revenue, increasing competitive advantage and delighting end users
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Feature Tour

Modern Web GUI

Give Your IBM i Green Screens the Modern Web GUI They Need

Modern web pages increase user satisfaction and reduce training costs because they look better, are easier to access, use mouse-driven navigation and include intuitive input fields like drop down lists.

Visually-Appealing Screens

Users will love the visually-appealing screens that are easier to use and have new functionality.

With a modern and familiar interface to your applications, training new users becomes simpler and they won't think your system is outdated.

Modern UI

As soon as you complete Presto's server-side installation (which typically takes about ten minutes), all of your legacy green screens (RPG and COBOL programs, menus, third party and system screens) are accessible as web pages.

Presto includes skins that your green screens a more modern web design. They include mobile layouts and are easy to customize to match your organization's look.

You can also give your new RPG programs a web GUI using Presto's RPG Open Access handler.

Mouse-Driven Navigation

Presto makes it easier for users to navigate screens with mouse-driven navigation including clickable buttons and/or links.

You can also add other traditional web-based navigation, like tabs, to organize information and give the appearance that multiple pages are on the same page.

No Source Code Changes

With Presto's datastream approach, you don't need to make any changes to your RPG, COBOL or DDS source. You don't even need the source!

Presto is truly non-invasive in that you can continue running your existing programs unchanged with the 5250 datastram. All of your proven code is left untouched, reducing the risk and time needed to modernize.

Easy Deployment and Access

Your IT staff saves time because users only need a browser to access the web enabled green screens internally or remotely from PCs, Macs or mobile devices.

No ActiveX, Windows Servers, WebSphere, 5250 emulators or other software is required.

Spool File to PDF

With Presto's spool-file-to-PDF feature, you can access the list of IBM i spool files from any screen you're on in Presto and view spool files in PDF format. You can then download the PDF versions and email them or print them on any printer that you can connect to from your PC.
Global Settings

Further Enhance All of Your Screens Without Touching Them

Global settings like customizable skins and formatting rules accelerate your IBM i (AS/400) modernization because they automatically apply changes to all of your web-enabled green screens.

Customize skins with the built-in editor

Impress your users with the modern look and feel of Presto's skins. With Presto's built-in skin editor you control the overall style and appearance of your web-enabled green screens.

You can use one of Presto's out of the box skins or use a standard skin as your starting point to create your own custom skin that matches your organization's look. Watch the video below to see how you can use the skin editor.

Environment Settings

Environment settings allow you to control how aspects of your screens are displayed. For example, you can:

• Choose whether function keys are displayed as buttons or links.
• Style subfiles as HTML tables.
• Replace ellipses (. . . . . .) after all input field labels with colons.

Custom Formatting Rules

You can use JavaScript to create custom rules that apply to all web enabled green screens. For example, you can:

• Change the location, font size and color of program titles.
• Hide information in the header such as date and time.
• Change the appearance of function keys.
• Highlight the field that is in focus.

Multi-Language Support

Presto supports your IBM i language settings. Your web-enabled green screens will display the language that you've configured with your IBM i and database, making Presto a global solution.

Multiple Environments

Critical to any enterprise solution, Presto supports multiple environments. Presto environments give you the ability to simultaneously have independent versions of the same web-enabled green screen applications. If you are an Independent Software Vendor (ISV), you can use environments to give the same application a customized look for each client.
Visual Editor

Improve the Look and Functionality of Screens Using Presto's Visual Editor

Programmers without web development experience are productive right away because the Visual Editor doesn't require HTML coding to add, move and style new UI elements like drop downs boxes.

Improve the Look and Functionality of Screens Using Presto's Visual Editor

Programmers without web development experience are productive right away because the Visual Editor doesn't require HTML coding to add, move and style new UI elements like drop downs boxes.

Watch how quickly you can add more value to your RPG programs without HTML experience.

Graphical UI Elements

Use the Visual Editor's Palette to drag-and-drop consistently-styled UI elements like headers, containers, tabs, images, charts, buttons and icons to your web-enabled green screens.

Intuitive Input Fields

Datepickers, checkboxes, radio buttons and drop down lists are commonly used in web apps because they speed up data entry. You can use Presto's Visual Editor Palette to drag and drop input fields onto your screens without coding HTML.

Add Links to PDF

Easily add links to PDFs, Word documents and other files from directly within the Visual Editor. You can also dynamically build a document's path using screen values.

Drag and Drop or Remove Text and Fields

Use Presto's Visual Editor to drag and drop, resize or remove text and fields. You can move elements individually or as a group and snap them to the closest element you are moving them to. This makes positioning elements faster and more uniform.

Style UI Elements

Presto's Visual Editor makes it easy to alter the appearance of text and fields. You can edit element properties such as colors, fonts, sizes, borders and backgrounds without any HTML or CSS knowledge.

JavaScript Events

Add JavaScript events to elements within the Visual Editor.

Hide/Display elements when clicked.
Trigger an autocomplete on an input.
Create Page Up/Page Down buttons.
Populate the command line with a button click.

Google Maps

Presto's Visual Editor includes a Google Map that you can add to your screens without coding HTML.


Presto's macro feature improves workflow processes. Macros shortcut users to their desired screens so they don’t have to navigate through multiple screens of menu options. Since macros work on the server side, performance is also improved.

Use SQL to Extend Your Web-Enabled Screens Beyond the 5250 Datastream

Improve the user experience by adding database-driven UI elements including charts, drop down lists and autocompletes. These elements use SQL to access DB2 data that's not in the original program.


You can easily add a SmartChart to a Presto screen by dragging and dropping it from the Visual Editor's Palette, then using a SQL query to populate the chart data.

You can choose from Column, Line, Pie, Bar, Area and Doughnut charts.

Drop Down Lists and Auto Completes

You can add a drop down lists and jQuery autocomplete widgets to your input fields to speed up data entry. An autocomplete uses SQL queries to predict the value the user is typing and allows them to choose their desired value without having to type it in completely.

Export Data as CSV or HTML

The Export Data element makes it possible for you to provide your users DB2 data as CSV spreadsheets or HTML pages. You can add the element to your web-enabled green screens as a button, link or image.

Users can open the spreadsheets in Microsoft Excel without copying and pasting data. The spreadsheet or HTML page is populated with the results of an SQL query you define in Presto.

SQL Queries

Presto allows you to create SQL statements that you can define, save and reuse for populating elements like drop down lists and charts with DB2 data. You can use SQL queries in both the Visual Editor and HTML.

Dynamic SQL Using Screen Values and Library Lists

SQL queries are more flexible with the option to use values from the screen (e.g. user name) and library lists to dynamically display data. If no library is specified in the query it will use the user's library list.

Add New DB2 Data

You can include DB2 data that isn’t part of your original program into your web enabled screens as display or input fields. You can do this using the Presto ExecuteSQL API which doesn't require any changes to the underlying program.
Mobile Support

Access Your Screens from iPads, iPhones and Other Mobile Devices

Presto includes many built-in features that make it easier for your users to access your web-enabled IBM i (AS/400) green screens internally or remotely from tablets and smartphones.

New Responsive Skin

The new Pacific skin provides a more modern look and feel to your modernized applications. It also fully supports Presto’s responsive design features for easier development for mobile devices. It is completely customizable and includes improved subfile styling, larger input boxes and buttons based on Bootstrap, a sleek font, and a cleaner layout. It can also be customized using Presto’s Skin Editor. You can now double-click a tab to edit the text inline within the Visual Editor.

Keyboard for Function Keys

Presto includes a custom virtual keyboard for function keys. This is significant because some mobile devices, including iPhones and iPads, don't have function keys on their keyboards, an integral part of almost every green screen application.

Easy Deployment

Presto screens use standard web technologies which makes the screens accessible from browsers on mobile devices. You do not need to deploy the screens from the App Store and changes to your screens are instantly seen by your users.

Presto Mobile App

You can now access modernized green screens and iPhone/iPad device hardware using Presto's app. After Presto is installed on your IBM i, users can download the Presto Mobile app from Apple's App Store and configure it to connect to your screens.

Out-of-the-box Presto-modernized screens will work with the Presto Mobile app, and you can add new mobile-friendly UI elements, such as HTML5 inputs, using Presto's Visual Editor. You can also use the app as a starting point then create own custom app to take advantage of other hardware features like geolocation and audio/video capture.
Web Technologies

Future-Proof Your Customizations by Using Standard Web Technologies

Presto gives you the flexibility to integrate with other web apps and technologies. In addition to the Visual Editor, you have access to the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which gives you full control over the UI.

External Plugins

Access web services for credit card approval, tracking shipments and more. You can also use web services to display and/or link to Google Maps from within your screens.

Custom HTML and JavaScript

In addition to customizing screens with the Visual Editor, you can edit the HTML and JavaScript for any page directly in the Presto Designer. This gives you full control over the UI and allows you to plug in code snippets and plugins you find on the internet.

jQuery and Ajax

Presto includes the jQuery library so you're able to use the technology to add richer enhancements to your web-enabled green screens. Many Visual Editor components, like datapickers, use jQuery and you can also add additional jQuery code and use JSON and Ajax.

Navigate and Pass Data to Other Web Applications

Communicate and launch web applications like WebSmart programs from within your web-enabled green screens. You can also seamlessly pass data between your web-enabled screens and web applications.


Because Presto runs as a web application, many of the same security considerations that apply to conventional web applications also apply to Presto-enabled applications. You can configure access to your web-enabled screens in many ways, including SSL, firewalls, proxy servers and VPN (Virtual Private Network) servers.

Kerberos Support

Presto supports Kerberos, a solution that provides SSO across multiple applications.
Modernization Suite

Modernize Further by Integrating Presto with BCD's ClearPATH Suite

Optionally combine Presto with other BCD tools to build your own customized and integrated moderization solution that meets your needs. Start with one, a couple tools or the complete suite.

Nexus Portal - Secure Single Sign-On for Presto Screens

Presto optionally includes BCD's Nexus Portal. Nexus provides a secure single point of access to your enterprise information including your Presto web enabled apps, other web apps and pages, documents, dashboards and productivity tools. Nexus includes a web menu system and single sign-on for your Presto apps that you can use to hide traditional 5250 navigation.

WebSmart - Link Web Applications to Presto Screens

Link your Presto web enabled screens and WebSmart web apps to each other. Also use WebSmart to add more functionality to your Presto screens such as emailing, uploading files and calling web services.

Clover - Add Reports to Presto Screens

Use Clover to build and display professional-looking, real-time IBM i reports, queries and dashboards that you can link to from or embed within your web-enabled screens.

Full Feature List

Please click the headings below to learn more about each feature.

Visual Editor

  • Graphical UI elements
  • Intuitive input fields
  • Add links to PDF
  • Drag and drop or remove text and fields
  • Style UI elements
  • JavaScript events

Database-Driven UI Elements

  • Charts
  • Drop down lists and auto completes
  • Export data as CSV or HTML
  • SQL queries
  • Dynamic SQL using screen values and library lists
  • Add new DB2 data

Mobile Support

  • Mobile layout
  • Keyboard for function keys
  • Enhance the mobile versions of screens
  • Mobile optimization with jQuery
  • Easy deployment

Web Technologies

  • External plugins
  • Custom HTML and JavaScript
  • jQuery and Ajax
  • Navigate and pass data to other web applications
  • Security

Modern Web GUI

  • Visually-appealing screens
  • Immediate web enablement
  • Mouse-driven navigation
  • No source code changes
  • Easy deployment and access
  • Spool file to PDF

Global Settings

  • Customizable skins
  • Environment settings
  • Custom formatting rules
  • Multi-language support
  • Multiple environments

Latest New Features

You can download Presto, including the free trial, from myFrescheSolutions. You can view the complete list of changes at ___.

Presto 9.1 New Features

  • Navigable Logs: Presto has added the ability to navigate backwards through a log, using the Page Up button.
  • Signed Files: The Installation .exe files are now signed, which should prevent triggering of anti-virus programs.
  • IDE Enhancements:
    • The IBM i installer now has a link to the Knowledge Base, to guide you through ftp errors during install.
    • The Spool File Viewer has a new icon for the Delete button.
    • Updated to .Net Framework 4.8.
    • Improved handling of read only IO fields.
    • Ability to switch themes with custom JS.


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