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X-Replay Simplifies 5250 UI Testing Through Automation

Accelerate IBM i UI Testing & Deployment

X-Replay is a function-rich 5250 screen testing solution that provides a flexible, highly-automated method of testing your IBM i application UIs during development. X‑Replay records interactive test cases, replays them automatically and uses a dashboard to report on whether the results are as expected. The solution automatically produces test scripts that can be modified and re-run as needed. X‑Replay easily integrates with X-Datatest, which includes database regression testing and test data management.

Integration with Fresche's X-Datatest Provides an End-to-End Testing Suite

X-Replay easily integrates with Fresche's X-Datatest to provide end-to-end testing, including UI, business logic and the database. X-Datatest prepares test databases, develops test cases, provides regression testing and integrates with IBM’s Code Coverage to help test business logic. Together, the solutions form a highly effective IBM i application testing suite.

X-Replay Simplifies 5250 UI Testing Through Automation

1. Record

Select screen elements to validate and start recording the test.

2. Replay

Re-run automatically-produced test script. Modify the script to suit.

3. Report

View the dashboard to find the exact location of issues in the code.

How X-Replay can help you:

Improves Developer Productivity

X-Replay eliminates manual testing, ensures a thorough, repeatable testing method, and lets developers make interface changes rapidly and with confidence.

Ensures Higher-Quality Applications

End users, partners and employees all expect a smooth user experience, so developers need to make changes to keep pace with expectations and deliver an intuitive interface.

Resolves Problems Quickly

X-Replay uncovers and highlights problems automatically, using a convenient dashboard to show exactly where in the code the issue occurred.

Provides Flexibility Managing Tests

Test an entire interface, one or more screens or just certain elements in a screen. Modify and re-run tests cases, view issues in the dashboard and integrate X-Replay with other testing solutions.

Key Technical Features

  • Provides everything you need to automatically record highly targeted screen tests for IBM i applications
  • Dashboard provides everything you need to view detailed test results including exact point of failure
  • Integrates with X-Datatest and Code Coverage to provide a highly automated end-to-end IBM i testing suite
  • Automatically-generated test scripts can be edited with WHILE loops and other logic before being re-run
  • Test case management organizes screen testing efforts and integrates with change management systems
  • Field names are used to identify screen elements instead of coordinates/screen shots so tests don’t break when elements move

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