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X-A Open

Automated Analysis of Languages Such as Java and PHP to Help You Understand What’s on Your IBM i and Other Platforms

Can you analyze all the code in your system?

IBM i is one of the most versatile operating systems in the world, supporting numerous languages, and capable of interacting with other operating systems in your environment. You may already use X-Analysis to analyze and graphically document the RPG and CA 2E (Synon) on your IBM i, but what about other code types? What about code on other platforms that interact with the IBM i? Or even code that doesn’t interact with the i at all? X-A Open provides insight into other languages, on IBM i or off.
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X-A Open Analyzes Many Languages

X-A Open generates a cross-reference repository for selected modern languages in a manner similar to X-Analysis. Languages such as Java and PHP can be analyzed. All you need are the sources, no matter where the applications are deployed.

How X-A Open Can Help You:

Analyze your whole system

Powerful analysis capabilities extend your ability to know what you have in your system (even off IBM i), leading to more comprehensive decision-making.

Understand your applications

Graphical interface makes complex relationships in your systems easy to understand by giving you a visual rendering of objects from multiple points of view.

See all connections

Powerful ‘go-anywhere-from-anywhere’ drill-downs let you see all of the connections in your system. Color coding gives instant visual cues.

Educate the organization

Documentation is easily exported to other formats, such as Microsoft Word, Excel or Visio for easy sharing throughout your organization.

Reduce development time

Developing, maintaining and testing large, complex applications and systems is made much easier when you have accurate information about the system.

Increase accuracy, reduce risk

The automated cross-referencing process finds all objects in your system, completely eliminating guesswork when planning and developing.

Key Technical Features

  • Graphical code documentation of the entire system.
  • Offers ability to link the repository to an existing IBM i repository.
  • Zoom Source function opens the source in the X-Analysis client.
  • Works with sources on or off IBM i.
  • Builds a cross-reference repository.
  • Most basic features of X-Analysis are available for Java and PHP, including: Cross-referencing, Pseudo code views, Graphical program analysis, Impact analysis, graphical flow/structure charts.

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