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X-Analysis Provides Complete System Understanding During Onboarding of New IBM i Developers at SCHRADER Pacific

Schrader Pacific

SCHRADER Pacific is a specialist in automotive control and measurement equipment and is behind many innovations such as the TPMS tire pressure monitoring system. The global reputation of this 2,200-employee company is based on its reliability, expertise, product performance and collaboration with its customers. Schrader’s business systems are built on IBM i and recently, its French subsidiary had to bring on new developers and ensure efficient, secure knowledge transfer.


Schrader needed to preserve the knowledge in its legacy IBM i applications for commercial management, supply chain and production management, which were written in RPG. They needed to do so while respecting Sarbannes-Oxley (SOX) regulations. Ultimately, Schrader needed a method of producing application documentation that was complete enough to give new developers the ability to understand and begin maintaining the system, while also providing a basis for complying with audits and security standards.

Solution: X-Analysis

X-Analysis was implemented by Schrader to automatically generate documentation for legacy applications and perform impact analysis. Some of the main X-Analysis functions used by Schrader:

  • Subsystem charts and layered structure charts
  • Variable tracing: hierarchical exploration through multiple layers of variables and programs/files/screens
  • Source code browser, graphical structure diagrams and interactive data flow diagrams
  • Documentation wizard for static documentation in MS Word format
  • Entity-relationship diagrams
  • Impact analysis: objects and procedures “where used” — through all iterations of objects/variables.

Schrader worked closely with Itheis, a leading IBM i modernization solution provider, to acquire X-Analysis licenses. As a long-time member of the Fresche Power Partner Program, Itheis provides expertise and solutions to the IBM i community with modernization and platform evolution as their main focus.


X-Analysis helped Schrader share business application knowledge between established and new developers and secure development and maintenance operations during changes in teams. X-Analysis did all of the following for Schrader:

  • Provided a shared view of applications along with clear maintenance documentation
  • Boosted productivity gains in maintenance teams, development and support
  • Reduced risk and helped meet deadlines
  • Ensured rapid onboarding of new developers


“We chose X-Analysis for its functionality and ease of use, which greatly increased our maintenance efficiency. The solution saved us time and reduced risk while helping us comply with SOX’s strict audit requirements. X-Analysis also allowed new developers to discover and document the existing application with greater autonomy. We appreciated our collaboration with Itheis, the competence and the service spirit of their team, as well as their responsiveness to our requests.”
IT Director, Schrader Pacific