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A Bit About Fresche


Fresche is the one place you can turn to for all your IBM i modernization and management needs. Our solutions help you take advantage of modern computing practices and technologies such as Web, mobile and open-source to improve business processes and develop customer-facing and revenue-generating applications. Our customers benefit from expertise that has been gained from over 40 years of serving a combined client base of 22,000 global companies including household brand names like Adidas, Avon, CVS, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Staples, Universal Music Group, among others. We work with you to align IT with your business goals, and in the process, we help you build a solid future for your IT.

At a GlanceFresche Headquarters: Montreal, Canada


Offices: Asheville (North Carolina), Boston (Massachusetts), Lucknow (India), Melbourne (Australia), Sacramento (California), Scotland (UK), Victoria (British-Columbia)


Operating Divisions: Fresche Solutions, Looksoftware, Quadrant Software, BCD, ExcelSystems, NetLert, SoftBase


Customers: 22,000 customers globally, including Adidas, Avon, CVS, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and Staples


Employees: 400


Key brands: X-Analysis, Newlook, WebSmart, Presto, Formtastic, QDV, TestBase, N-Focus, Speedware, AMXW

What makes us Fresche

100% referenceability
We make sure that our clients are more than happy with the results we deliver, so that they continue to give us 100% referenceability. We invented this word – it means that you can pick up the phone and call any one of our clients, and you will get an exceptional reference.

We know IBM i systems like no one else
We helped create these systems. We’ve seen how people worked, interacted, and made purchases over the years, and how IT changes the way businesses operate.

40 years of experience
Our customers benefit from the expertise that has been gained from over 40 years of serving a combined client base of 22,000 global companies including household brand names as Adidas, Avon, CVS, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, Staples and Universal Music Group, among others.

We’ve been in your shoes
We’ve seen every challenge and understand how impactful IT can be; that’s why we are passionate about evolving technologies that can solve people’s problems. We feel a big sense of pride in what we do. We want you to feel proud of your IT and what it can do for your business.

Our Values

Our distinct company culture makes us a top employer, as well a premiere choice for our customers. We work hard to ensure that our values permeate the company and are reflected in everything we do. Whether it be in setting priorities, defining ideas, or carrying out processes, we are committed to ensuring that the four following values are manifested at all levels of our organization, inside and outside.


At Fresche, we really care about each other. We nurture happy, engaged teams that produce happy clients. We acknowledge that our team and our partners are critical to our business. We take pride in being knowledgeable, credible, well connected and amiable.

Continuous Improvement

We strive to pursue new ways to deliver value to our customers and partners. We innovate our technology offerings, our business model and our business processes. We aim to achieve and deliver excellence. We encourage the honesty to admit when we are wrong, and the courage to change.


We seek to build simplicity into everything we do – our software, business processes and working relationships. We make it easy for customers and partners to do business with us. We try to think like our customers.


We strive to create an environment that makes it enjoyable to work with and for Fresche. We believe our company can make you smile. You will be surprised at how far we will go to ensure customers are happy.

Community & Awards

It’s very rewarding to know that our work has been recognized by the business community.

We are happy to share these recent accomplishments:

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