Our Customers Are Different

They NEVER Forget the Value of Their IBM i Applications

Our customers are different. They understand the value of their IBM i applications and they have the wisdom to carry as much of that value into the future as possible.


In every organization running older IBM i applications there is an IT leader who is worried about the future. There is a business dependency on dated applications, technology and skillsets and these dependencies are presenting very real barriers to future growth.


And, every year, every line of code ever written gets one year older.


Fresche was founded on the principle of helping our customers realize their full business and IT potential by building on the value of the past.


We have learned from experience that to be successful, IT modernization and transformation needs to be built on a foundation of systems, processes and investments that allow for ongoing innovation. Businesses may need to modernize but they also need to keep running. They have customers to serve, revenue to generate and they need a partner who genuinely cares about their future as much as they care about it themselves.


We believe there is a right IBM i modernization strategy for every company out there of every size. We know that every company that embraces modernization can experience growth and create a better experience for their customers and employees. And, we acknowledge the incredible value that resides within legacy applications today – often a key differentiator.


That’s why we are committed to preserving that value with every modernization strategy that we create.

What We Do

We are IT modernization experts and technologists who never lose sight of the fact that IT must support business. For over 40 years, Fresche has been building application management, modernization and transformation solutions. Our automated tools and experienced professionals provide innovative solutions that bring you the best, boldest ways to modernize and manage your RPG, CA 2E (Synon), COBOL and ERP applications. We combine fresh thinking with technology and business expertise to fuel transformation and business growth for our global client base.

Nobody Knows IBM i Application Modernization Like We Do


Managed Application Services Clients


IT Strategy & IBM i Roadmaps Developed


Global Clients Across All Industries


Professionals Around The World

Nobody Knows IBM i Application Modernization Like We Do

More Than 40 Years Of Experience
Our customers benefit from our expertise: 40+ years serving a global client base of 22,000 companies, including Adidas, Avon, Royal Caribbean and Staples, among others.

We Know IBM i Like Nobody Else
We helped create IBM i systems. We’ve seen how people work, interact, develop, and do business. We understand how IT evolves and supports business operations.

We’ve Been In Your Shoes Before
We’ve seen every challenge and understand how impactful IT can be: that’s why we are so passionate about safeguarding your IT investment while helping you evolve it.

Fresche Solutions Recognized as a leader in 2021 Forrester Now Tech:

Application Modernization and Migration Services

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Our Values: The Differences That Make Us Special

Our distinct company culture makes us a top employer and a premiere choice for our customers. We work hard to ensure that our values are reflected in everything we do. Whether it be in setting priorities, defining ideas, or carrying out processes, we are committed to ensuring that the following values are manifested at all levels of our organization.


Our dedication to client success drives us to innovate and pursue new ways to deliver value. We are committed to continuous improvement and delivering on our promise.

  • Technology innovation
  • Flexible models offerings
  • Business value creation


Our employees, clients and partners are critical to our business. That’s why we nurture engaged teams who treat our clients, partners and each other with integrity respect and transparency.

  • Relationships built on respect
  • Collaborative engagement
  • Fulfilling employee experience


In everything we do we seek to build trust. Our goal is to make it easy for employees, clients, partners and shareholders to work together toward future success.

  • Open communication
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Drive for results

Community & Awards

It’s very rewarding to know that our work has been recognized by the business community.

We are happy to share these recent accomplishments:

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Our “Smart Modernization” Approach

Customized. Phased. Proven.

Our distinct company culture makes us a top employer and a premiere choice for our customers. Our values are reflected in everything we do.

Define Goals

Align business and IT

We get to know your business needs, goals, and environment. Then, we create a strategy that aligns your IT and company goals.

Key Performance Indicators

Define success

We define goals and metrics so we can measure the business benefits that are achieved at each milestone.


Know where to start

We create a specific modernization roadmap by aligning the requirements with the right solutions.


Carry out the plan

Carry out the modernization plan according to your resources, skills, and experience.


Continuous improvement

Keep assessing, implementing and adopting new processes, procedures, tools, skillsets and capabilities to maximize business benefit.

Why Our Clients Choose Us

IBM i experts and modernization strategists
Code and database analysis and planning tools
Automated modernization and testing tools
Specialized incremental modernization
Solution / vendor agnostic
Track record of success and proven results
Focus on business value delivery
Unbeatable time to market

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