X-Analysis Suite

Complete toolset for automated IBM i application analysis, documentation and management with a graphical interface.

X-Analysis Advisor

X-Analysis Advisor provides impact analysis, extracts business rules, maps applications, visualizes data models, analyzes code quality and automatically generates complete system documentation.

X-Analysis View

Understand the impact of changes and gain complete knowledge of your application with automated, graphical documentation and impact analysis.

Audit, Code Quality and Change Management

Detailed metrics analysis of all code and databases running on your IBM i, giving you the power to fully manage quality and change.

X-2E Analysis

Automated code analysis, documentation, impact analysis, extraction of business rules and much more for CA 2E (Synon) applications on IBM i.

X-2E Modernize

Automatic conversion of your CA 2E (Synon) application to Java or RPG Free.


Preparing of test databases, developing of test cases, and output comparisons.

X-Analysis Advisor Technical Datasheet

Detailed 16 page datasheet on automated code analysis, documentation, impact analysis, extraction of business rules and much more for CA 2E (Synon) applications on IBM i.

Automated Field Resizing

Automatic resizing of database fields and all fields in affected programs. Reports that analyze the impact of any resizing effort on the IBM i.


Fresche’s Application Modernization module automatically converts RPG Applications to Java.

Business Rule Extraction

Automatic extraction of business rules contained in RPG and COBOL code and translation to pseudo code for non-developers.

X-DB Modernize

Full DDS-to-DDL conversion functionality, with impact analysis and options to benefit from modern database technology on the IBM i.

Newlook products
Newlook Suite

Newlook Suite

An integrated toolset that simplifies and improves the process of modernizing IBM i applications. GUI, Web, mobile, Web services and more.

Newlook Developer

Newlook Developer

A powerful application development and green screen modernization solution that automatically generates spectacular UIs.

Newlook Server

Newlook Server

Generate HTML5 zero-deployment user interfaces, enabling users to access your IBM i applications from any browser-friendly device.

Newlook Smartclient

Newlook Smartclient

A rich desktop client that allows your end users to interact with their modernized IBM i applications through a browser.


Revitalize your IBM i applications by creating multi-channels GUIs straight from your RPG code.

Unified SCM Workflow for IBM i

Unified SCM Workflow for IBM i

Code management, editing and analysis in a single managed workflow with the X-Analysis open API standard.


Fresche Solutions
Discovery Services

Gain Insight into Your IBM i Application Portfolio and Map a Future Direction for Your Business.

Speedware products

Speedware/4GL V7

A platform-independent programming language geared for maximum productivity in creating transaction-oriented applications.


A complete development tool that puts the power of Speedware/4GL at your disposal in a fully integrated working environment.

Speedware/Autobahn II

A development environment that allows you to use native Web technologies to create new Web applications or Web enable your existing ones.


Instantly Web-enable existing applications and extend their utility to offsite users. For Speedware V7 customers.


Automated migration of COBOL, FORTRAN, SPL, Protos, C and Pascal application environments from the HP e3000 to modern platforms.


Migrate TurboImage, KSAM & flat file databases to Oracle or SQL Server in UNIX or Windows environments. For HP e3000 applications.


Easily design and implement complex business applications or customize existing programs on the fly. For HP e3000 applications.


Query complex data and rapidly generate reports from your desktop or on the We. For HP e3000 applications.


Examine complex operational and customer data through an intuitive dashboard — from your desktop or on the Web. For HP e3000 applications.


Convert your RPG and CL code to native .NET or Java architecture. For HP e3000 applications.

BCD Software products


A modern web-based graphical user interface (GUI) with the 5250 or Open Access data stream for RPG.


Accelerated development tool for creating RPG, PHP and Node.js web applications for desktops and mobile devices.

Quadrant Software products


Easy-to-use document automation solution that allows you to design custom forms, checks, and barcode labels from a desktop interface designer.