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Fresche Launches Free-Form RPG Application and API Rapid Development Tool

October 12, 2021

New product X-Elevate accelerates development and modernization of RPG programs into modular, next-gen applications and drives new digital capabilities.

Montreal, Canada, September 2021 – Fresche Solutions today introduced X-Elevate, a rapid development tool to build multi-layer, free-form RPG applications and APIs. The product includes templates to help IBM i shops quickly create modern RPG applications and leverage both RPG and non-RPG developer skills. The monolithic architecture of most green screen applications makes them difficult to maintain, display in mobile devices and integrate with newer systems - X-Elevate was specifically built to overcome these challenges.

Using X-Elevate RPG programmers can build responsive web and mobile applications and easily create APIs and web services that integrate with other systems. The service-oriented architecture separates concerns and allows developers to focus efforts between the UI, code, and database.

IT leaders continue to gain tremendous value from the IBM i platform, which has maintained a low total cost of ownership (TCO), unparalleled security and very high availability throughout the years. However, they struggle to manage, enhance, and evolve older applications that were developed decades ago and there is a tremendous need to modernize them.

Marcel Sarrasin, Chief Product Officer at Fresche, noted that the modular architecture that X-Elevate brings to IBM i will help businesses quickly adapt to market changes. “X-Elevate helps unlock innovation by delivering new business models made possible with API, web services and microservices architectures. RPG is still strategic to so many IBM i shops - this is enabling them to continue that investment, improve business agility and attract new IT talent.”

Fresche Product Manager Yuval Oren says that: “We've invested years of research and development into X-Elevate; creating a framework that delivers best practices using modern coding techniques and architecture. The modular design makes it easier to maintain the code, create shared components and improves data integrity and security by providing a single access point to database files.”

Some of the key features of X-Elevate include:

  • Template-based approach that ensures consistency and best practices across all development teams.
  • Generates fully free-form RPG code that supports 3-tier architectures and microservices.
  • Offers developers full control over the generated code and the ability to maintain it in any RPG editor such as RDi.
  • Facilitates integration and sharing of data with other systems by exposing Db2 files and SQL views as RESTful APIs

The introduction of X-Elevate gives organizations a unique ability to leverage their investment in RPG, modernize their code into next-gen applications and stop adding to their technical debt.

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