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Highly Integrated Workflow for Software Change Management Systems Revolutionizes the Way IBM i Developers Work

April 1, 2015

IBM i users benefit greatly from software change management tools and their ability to provide total control over the application lifecycle. With a wide variety of functions, ranging from audit trails to help desk incidents to task management, they provide a wealth of development and modernization power. But today’s increased business dynamics are forcing more code changes with fewer resources in less time than ever.

As a result, productivity and quality are no longer optional, but essential. Tools, standards and workflow must improve to meet the exacting demands of the business.

Real-time integration between code analysis, editing and management would give IT executives what they need to efficiently meet business requirements: high-quality code, lower costs and shorter overall development time.

Fresche Legacy is announcing the release of a unified SCM workflow solution to meet this need. The core of the solution is industry-leading analysis and documentation functionality from X-Analysis provided through Fresche’s open API. With the API, any company can fully integrate X-Analysis features into their change management system to streamline and enhance their workflow. This new development produces a fully integrated environment and can provide all functionality from one starting point, whether RDi, X-Analysis or an SCM tool. The Eclipse-based plugin architecture allows for easier integration with other industry tools as they evolve – RDi, RTC, etc. and accommodates evolution of new plugins from the open source community.

All of the X-Analysis functionality – structure charts, data flow diagrams, variable tracing, where-used functionality, data models, source code browsing, drill-downs, application area diagrams, etc. – can be available where and when users need it, inside the tool they’re working with at the moment. This powerful new development provides full X-Analysis integration with the user’s customized workflow.

Movement toward adoption of the X-Analysis API has already begun. Remain Software has worked closely with X-Analysis developers to fully implement the API in their TD/OMS tool and revolutionize their workflow. Through a sophisticated interface, the API combines with Remain Software’s TD/OMS, a leading SCM solution on IBM i, and benefits from extensions to IBM’s RDi LPEX editor. The result is an ultra-modern industry standard in development and management of IBM i applications.

TD/OMS users can now see their applications in far higher detail, cover more territory, develop and modernize more quickly, test more accurately and ultimately be much more agile.

Fresche has also had strong interest from major SCM providers and long-time partners such as Aldon and Midrange Dynamics. Companies see the tremendous value in offering a unified workflow that includes deep analysis at the very lowest levels. Knowing that you have a fully automated and completely integrated system for analysis and documentation of every line of code in your application speeds development and modernization and greatly reduces testing.

Fresche Legacy is excited to offer this new development to the IBM i market and expects to work closely with a variety of partners to help speed implementation of the API in the coming months.

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