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Fresche off the Line: Mobile-Friendly IBM i Analytics Help Health Care Providers Make Better Decisions

March 7, 2019
Kevin Cronin

Same Powerful Engine

No, this is isn’t a new car review. This is a great example of an IBM i organization that has modern web-based applications and dashboards as a core business offering. Mobile-Friendly IBM i Analytics Help Health Care Providers Make Better Decisions.

The product is MedAxcess, a powerful browser-based analytics tool for cardiology practices to review, benchmark and interpret their DB2 data.

Fresche partnered with MedAxiom in 2006 to develop the initial release that continued to evolve over time.

However, as the business grew and technology advanced, new features were needed and the user experience needed a facelift.  The result, MedAxcess 3.0, an all new design packed with new features.

Watch this video to see highlights of the MedAxess 3.0 portal:

The New Model

I often get asked about how we approach larger web development projects and there are many factors that contribute to the success of a project. A collaborative relationship with the client is key. In this project, we worked closely with MedAxiom’s team from initial design through development. Together we adopted an agile methodology that delivered functional components incrementally. Our project manager and developers did an excellent job of collaborating with the team at MedAxiom and adjusting our deliverable to meet their requirements.

MedAxcess 3.0 is the culmination of a year-long project. The development process was very successful and the resulting application has been well received by MedAxiom’s members.

Under the Hood

The mobile-friendly, browser-based application is hosted by Apache Server on IBM i. It was developed using Fresche’s WebSmart ILE and Nexus Portal solutions and utilizes an OLAP cube database design on DB2. The new version uses Bootstrap that facilitates a fully responsive design.

“The team loves the new look and the application compatibility on multiple devices, whether it’s an iPad, Mac or PC. The enhanced export to PowerPoint feature is used heavily by our external and internal users. They love the new dashboard feature as well as the comparison charts. This allows them to interpret information at a glance.”

– Shawn Smith, Director of IT, MedAxiom

You can read this success story to learn more about the project and some of the factors that helped us roll it out smoothly.

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