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X-2E Analysis

Automated graphical documentation, business rule extraction and application metrics make it easy to evolve CA 2E applications.

Can you access your CA 2E design model?

The knowledge and information represented by your organization’s business software design and metrics has been accumulated over many years and is extremely valuable. In the case of CA 2E applications, this design model is often out of reach to all except CA 2E developers. X-2E Analysis not only helps you understand your CA 2E design models, it also extracts highly detailed metrics and business rules to help you fully understand your CA 2E applications.

X-2E Analysis fully analyzes CA 2E apps

X-2E Analysis extracts, analyzes and documents the CA 2E model architecture automatically. It does this visually and interactively using entity relationship diagrams, screen flows, UI designs, metrics, complexities, data flows, impact analysis, business rules and much more. With little effort and time, all stakeholders (not just 2E experts) can easily access the design of the CA 2E application. By recovering and sharing existing, proven business logic and data and process models that represent years of investment and development, IT organizations lower cost, time and risk for all types of projects that enhance CA 2E applications.

What You Can Do with X-2E Analysis

Understand your applications

Graphical interface makes complex relationships in IBM i applications easy to understand by giving you a visual rendering of objects from multiple points of view.

Publish the design model

The complete application design is extracted from the CA 2E model and presented in an interactive and graphical analysis tool making it available to developers and analysts.

See all connections

Powerful ‘go-anywhere-from-anywhere’ drill-downs let you see all of the connections in your CA 2E applications. Color coding for all object types gives instant visual cues.

View business rules

A highly structured repository of business rules written in easily readable pseudo code provides a basis for all ongoing activity: modernization and maintenance, rewriting and reengineering, all types of audits, etc.

Understand code quality

Complexity metrics enable managers of CA 2E applications to measure, monitor and proactively manage complexity and changes to the applications, leading to less testing and faster development.

Improve planning

A wide array of detailed code metrics help you understand where the most complex code in the system resides and plan accordingly for development and testing time and resources.

Understand change impact

Powerful impact analysis lets you see every place where an object is used. A single click gives you a list or graphic of every object that has a relationship with the object you clicked.

Educate the organization

Documentation is easily exported to other formats, such as Microsoft Word, Excel or Visio for easy sharing to open up the application design throughout your organization.

Easily identify problems

X-2E Analysis performs problem analysis for design oddities (such as files with constraints, PFs with non-unique keys, etc.) and application level difference analysis.

Key Technical Features

  • Interactive documentation and where used of Internal Routines.
  • Plug-in to Eclipse or WDSc/RDi/RDp.
  • Business rule extraction, documentation, analysis, where used, annotation, etc.
  • Complete metrics analysis, including Problem Analysis for design oddities, screen and program complexity, problem analysis, etc.
  • Complete extraction of CA 2E Model: Entity Model; Functions; Action Diagrams; Internal Routines; Application Areas.
  • Interactive documentation as ERD of relational data model from CA 2E Model and hand-coded DDS.

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