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IBM i UI Modernization

Give your IBM i green screens a modern web UI that’s accessible from any device. Presto is the fastest way to give your IBM i green screens and net new RPG programs a modern web UI using the 5250 datastream, APIs or RPG Open Access.

What You Can Do With Presto

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Modern Web UI

Keep your IBM i relevant in the eyes of end users and management by giving your existing green screens and new RPG programs a web UI.

New Functionality

Increase productivity by adding drop down boxes, tabs, datepickers, images, charts and more to your web-enabled screens.

Mobile Access

Access all of your modernized IBM i green screens internally or remotely from iPads, iPhones, and other tablets and smartphones.

See How Presto Gives Your IBM i Green Screens a Modern Look & Feel

How Presto Can Help You

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Instant Web UI

Presto transforms your green screens into modern, intuitive web pages that increase user satisfaction and reduce training costs.

Immediate Results

Your existing green screens are instantly accessible as modern web pages without requiring changes to your source code.

Easy Deployment and Access

Users only need a browser to access the web-enabled screens internally or remotely from desktops or mobile devices.

End-User Productivity

Improve workflows by enhancing screens with tabs, drop downs, autocompletes, datepickers, macros, and more without coding HTML.

Futureproof IBM i

Leverage existing applications to meet current business needs while providing the agility to take advantage of future technologies, such as AI.

Backup to Cloud

RESTful APIs and Web Services

Provide a more seamless end user experience by using APIs / Web Services to integrate with additional web applications and data sources.

Presto can either work for you straight out of the box, or allow you to manually accomplish just about anything you can dream up if you are willing to put a little more effort towards it. That's the beauty of it... flexibility.

Felicia Krubl, PA, National Van Lines, Inc.

My apps look like real web apps, not converted green screens, which we can access via any browser. Having lots of RPG apps, limited HTML experience and the need to add new functionality, Presto was truly the way to go.

Ellery Soifer, Triscots Liesse

Key Technical Features

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Instant Web UI

Transform your green screens to modern web applications instantly

Visual Editor

Add UI elements like dropdowns and charts without coding


Prioritize modernization efforts based on data

Mobile & APIs

Access your applications from mobile devices and integrate with APIs

Get Started with a Presto Subscription

Tailored for businesses of all sizes and requirements – from small companies to enterprise-level organizations. Enjoy all-inclusive subscription licenses** and unlock the power of a reliable, modern solution, designed to effortlessly adapt to your growing needs.

**Certain geographic exceptions may apply

Small Team

Up to 25 Users



Billed annually

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Medium Team

Up to 50 Users



Billed annually

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Large Team

Up to 100 Users



Billed annually

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Up to 250 Users, 1 LPAR



Perpetual or annual license available

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Unlimited Users, Unlimited LPARs



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All Plans Include:

Presto Core Features

Online Training & World-Class Support

No License Transfer Fees

eBook: The Business Case for IBM i Green Screen UI Modernization

Learn how IBM i web and mobile applications add value to your organization by driving revenue, increasing competitive advantage and delighting end users.

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The Business Case for IBM i Green Screen Modernization
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