Fresche Solutions

ProGen Plus

Rapid IBM i (AS/400, iSeries) Application Development Tool

Develop ILE RPG or RPG/400 Programs up to 20x Faster than Manual Methods

ProGen Plus combines the ease of use of template-based program design with the power of business and data modelling features to give you the most productive and flexible environment for building robust 5250-based business applications.

What You Can Do With ProGen Plus

Develop Applications

Use the power and flexibility of ProGen’s design templates to quickly develop new IBM i applications.

Maintain Applications

All of your generated RPG (or ILE RPG), DDS and CL source code is well documented, structured and readable.

Customize Applications

Use ProGen’s built-in productivity features to generate complete sections of logic or call existing routines.

"Optimum Solutions successfully uses both WebSmart and ProGen Plus in the development of Optimum Solutions Payroll, Human Resources, and Applicant Tracking applications. Both of these BCD modernization products have helped us to rapidly develop and enhance our applications. BCD's technical support team is the best I've ever dealt with. They are always ready to go the extra distance whenever we've needed."

-Mike Hayes, VP Software Development, Optimum Solutions

Key Technical Features

  • Develop new applications or maintain in-house or third-party applications
  • Flexible templates for creating 15 different types of programs
  • Generate RPG/400 or fixed or free-format ILE RPG code
  • Use your own file and field names from your DDS files or SQL tables
  • Actions Editor enables you to add pre-written logic to your programs
  • Central Repository keeps track of every program you develop, including files references and layouts