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Application Generator & Report Writer

ProGen Plus is the proven, affordable, and easy-to-use IBM i (AS/400, iSeries) Application Generator and Report Writer. Over the past three decades, it has helped build and deploy thousands of commercial-quality applications, programs, and reports.


Advantages of Using ProGen Plus

Develop Applications 8 To 20x Faster

Utilize the power and flexibility of this template-based solution for Report Writing, Developing and Maintaining new iSeries – AS/400 programs and applications. Get results 8 to 20 times faster than manual efforts.

Two Editions: Standard and ILE/RPG

ProGen Plus comes in a standard edition that generates RPG/400 code for the OPM (Old Programming Model). You can also get the ILE/RPG Edition which generates ILE/RPG and lets you take full advantage of the ILE environment, using fixed or free-format RPG ILE code.

Endless options Allow You To Produce Commercial-Quality Applications

You will be able to use any iSeries AS/400 DDS files or SQL tables with ProGen Plus. Select from many types of programs to develop, choose from different screen/report design options, and add and save your company standards for re-use.

Save Time

Produce professional programs and applications. It automatically handles such logic as record locking, working with concepts, rolling forward and backward in subfiles—so you won’t have to.

Extend The Power of Your Applications

ProGen Plus’ Actions Editor is powerful for creating logic using single keywords, such as USRCOD for calling routines. It also allows for external editing, retains changes, and uses readable file and field names.

Get Great Productivity Gains When Maintaining Systems

ProGen Plus’ Central Repository automatically tracks program development and file references, making maintenance programming faster and easier through automatic updates and documentation.

There are 3 levels of ProGen Plus: Most programming needs fall in the entry and middle levels

Entry level

Develop programs the very first day: Single file type programs, e.g., Reports, Queries, Subtle: Maintenance, Inquiry and Windows.

Middle level

Multifile programs and reports, parameter passing, program calls, validations, and work fields—accomplished within days of first utilizing ProGen Plus.

Advanced level

Powerful actions editor, sophisticated Order/Entry type programs, batch update, powerful file reports that update auxiliary files, and much more.

ProGen Plus ILE add-on module

Automatically develop and maintain native ILE/RPG source code and begin taking advantage of the new language features such as longer 10-character field names, new opcodes, and more. This add-on module includes an ILE/RPG Generator Engine and New ILE/RPG templates that immediately lets you take advantage of the ILE functions available in OS/400.
The Code product is 100% native-generated RPG IV code that uses native RPG/IV syntax. In addition, Activation Groups, Bound modules, Binding Directories, Service Programs, and more, are fully supported, allowing the implementation of true ILE-capable applications.

Benefits of ILE/RPG development

The ILE/RPG development environment lets you take advantage of features of RPG that are only available in ILE.

Experience the Power of ProGen Plus and Streamline Your Programming Processes With Our Proven Solution.

Join the thousands of organizations worldwide already benefiting from ProGen Plus and start orchestrating your programming tasks today!

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