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Companies have relied on Speedware Entreprise Development Tools to create a variety of mission-critical business applications for 40 years. In fact, several Fortune 50 companies around the world use Speedware V7 to power their applications.

Speedware/4GL V7

Speedware/4GL V7 is a complete development suite for enterprise-scale business applications designed to run on the HP e3000, HP-UX and Windows platforms. It is comprised of Speedware/4GL & Speedware Designer. It includes all of the necessary components to design, develop, test, and execute applications – all from within a single development and run-time environment.


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Autobahn II

Speedware Autobahn II is an affordable enterprise-scale Web development platform designed for rapid deployment of Web applications on the HP e3000, HP-UX and Windows platforms. It is based on open Web architecture and allows users to develop secure, scalable and robust Web applications – at a fraction of the price of other enterprise-scale development tools.


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SpeedWeb is an innovative product designed to instantly web-enable Speedware V7 applications – without having to modify the application code at all. If the time is right to improve the look of your existing character-based applications, SpeedWeb is the easiest, most affordable way to go.


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Visual Speedware

Visual Speedware is an innovative multi-developer environment built on Microsoft Visual Basic to rapidly create and deploy complex and robust graphical client/server applications. It combines the client-side strength of Visual Basic with Speedware’s powerful server-side technology.

HP e3000 Modernization

Fresche has a complete solution set for HP e3000 platform migration. We have a variety of tools and services to migrate applications and data sources from the HP e3000 to modern platforms, including HP-UX and Windows. As an HP Platinum Migration Partner, we have performed more HP e3000 migrations than any other company. In addition to our own toolset, we have strong relationships with all other HP e3000 migration tool vendors, and offer front-line support for a number of their products. Following are some of the products we develop or support:

HP Platinum Partner


Migrate your 3GL applications from the HP e3000

Most HP e3000 applications written in COBOL, SPL, C, FORTRAN, Protos, or Pascal are specifically tailored to the MPE environment and rely on several compiler extensions and MPE concepts. Companies must therefore acquire new compilers and adapt or replace code, databases and intrinsics that are MPE-specific.


Simple but Powerful Database Migration

DBmotion is an affordable database migration tool that has been specifically designed to help HP e3000 customers migrate their TurboIMAGE, KSAM or flat file databases to Oracle or SQL Server on Windows or HP-UX environments. DBmotion automates most of the conversion process, saving you time and effort.


Well-integrated development and runtime environment

Many companies rely on TurboIMAGE to manage their data on the HP e3000. Migrating to Eloquence, a system which is based on TurboIMAGE and is compatible in UNIX, Windows or Linux environments, is an intuitive process. Developed and supported for the past 14 years by one of Fresche’s business partners, Eloquence’s compatibility with TurboIMAGE provides an easy and cost-effective migration path for HP e3000 business applications.

Business Intelligence

Fresche’s business intelligence (BI) solutions help you easily turn volumes of data into meaningful information – to best manage your operations. Fresche’s suite of BI solutions features query, reporting, on-line analytical processing (OLAP), data mining and performance measurement technology to improve the analysis of business processes and customer information. Our BI software applications are rich in functionality, capable of satisfying complex customer requirements and have evolved into strategic tools for the enterprise to improve productivity and business performance.


Esperant is a sophisticated query and reporting solution that empowers organizations to rapidly query complex data and generate custom reports for improved business performance. Esperant’s robust query generator uses English language statements to easily generate correct SQL syntax for accurate reporting. The tool also offers powerful predefined query formats that make complex reports just a point & click away. With both Web and desktop front ends, Esperant provides easy access to data from multiple sources to enhance decision-making at all organizational levels.


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Media is an On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP) solution that enables organizations to easily analyze complex operational and customer data for improved business performance. Media rapidly transforms raw data from multiple sources into valuable charts and graphs of corporate information using a variety of flexible OLAP configurations, including relational, multidimensional, relational/multidimensional hybrid and vectorial. With both Web and desktop clients, Media facilitates analytical slicing and dicing, drill-downs, cross-dimensional calculations and forecasting to empower analysis at all organizational levels.


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PowerHouse Solutions

Rising costs for license fees, support and skilled resources have driven PowerHouse 4GL users to consider replacement, modernization or migration options. Many users are evaluating whether this application development technology still aligns with their criteria for a viable, long-term, successful IT strategy where business agility is paramount.


Fresche has a variety of low-risk PowerHouse solutions that address your particular challenges while aligning with your corporate objectives. Fresche can support your current PowerHouse environment, or transition your applications to Java or .NET. We can even migrate your PowerHouse code to PowerHouse on a modern platform.

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Why choose Fresche for PowerHouse Modernization?

IBM-Cognos partner
Cognos selected and trained Fresche as a preferred partner to assist their customers with platform migrations.

Environment knowledge
Fresche’s experience in handling challenges related to PowerHouse 4GL surround code and environment is unmatched.

Unmatched tools
Fresche is the expert on modernization/migration tools for PowerHouse 4GL conversions to .NET or Java.

Unmatched expertise
Fresche PSO has completed hundreds of 3GL, 4GL, database and third-party modernization projects.

All-encompassing solution
Fresche provides analysis, planning, project services, training and support for a complete turn-key solution.

Partner network
Nobody has a more robust partner network for dealing with all PowerHouse modernization or migration issues.

Some of our Speedware Clients

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