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Staffing & Application Services

Professional Services to Help Build and Maintain Your Applications

Rely on developers with IBM i, RPG, and HP-UX skills to help with your system maintenance, new development, and modernization efforts.

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Application Support Services

Our team has over 25 years of experience on IBM i (AS400/iSeries). We don’t just code; we understand applications and business processes. We leverage a wide range of experience, knowledge, and tools to reduce ramp-up time and quickly become productive.

Gain Greater Operational Efficiency and Mitigate Risk

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Staffing Challenges

Replace retiring staff with highly skilled resources & productivity tools to reduce risk and quickly onboard with little to no knowledge transfer required.
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Get More Done

Complete projects that require skills you may lack and free up your internal resources for key new projects.
Backup to Cloud

IT Resources

Reduce your IT backlog with resources with decades of experience in business application development and can also act as valuable backups.

IBM i Staffing Challenges Shouldn’t Impede Progress

Here are a few ways proper staffing, use of modern tools, and efficient processes can improve your bottom line:

Increase employee satisfaction

Address your IT backlog to develop better applications and streamline workflows to increase productivity, improve business processes, and boost employee morale.

Improve services to customers

With additional staffing and improved application management, free up resources for revenue-generating projects such as e-commerce, partner portals, and other web & mobile applications.

Get new functionality out the door quicker

Make your IBM i code easier to maintain to help you update your applications quickly; roll out long-awaited fixes, enhancements, and new functionality; and reduce errors & project costs.

Get a Little Extra Help

Hit the ground running with our productivity tools and intelligent onboarding process.

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