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Simplify IBM i Application Management with X-Analysis

X-Analysis Advisor is the key to unlocking the wealth of insights stored within your RPG, COBOL, and SYNON applications. It offers a robust set of features, including automated documentation, impact analysis, business rule extraction, application mapping, data model visualization, and code quality assessment. The impact on your organization is profound, significantly boosting developer productivity, code quality, project estimation accuracy, and risk reduction.

X-Analysis Advisor helps everyone
in your organization

Developers can leverage X-Analysis' technical features, including code quality metrics, deep call structure drill-downs, business rule extraction, and application area insights. Additionally, X-Analysis Advisor automatically analyzes your entire system and generates a diverse range of charts, available online or for export to Word, Visio, or PDF, ensuring vital information is easily accessible to everyone in your organization.

How X-Analysis Can Help You:

code changes

Confidently make large, complex code changes to your IBM i applications. Understand the impact across all your applications and data sources.

effort estimation

Gain in-depth detail about the cascading effects of change throughout your environment, and know where to focus testing efforts. See which objects would be impacted by a change.

visualize applications

Automated graphical documentation and data flow diagrams let you display RPG as pseudo code, view the call stack, and quickly find information about object use, access and parameters.

with precision

View detail right down to the source code, trace variables through multiple layers, and browse from anywhere. Quickly gain a complete understanding of your applications.

View “where used”

Track “where used” information throughout the entire application or database. Track variables through all iterations and associations, highlight every object affected by a change.

relational data models

Get a deeper understanding of your business with relational data models of your IBM i application databases. Automatically extract the data models from DDS, DB objects and other sources.

A Glimpse of X-Analysis

Speed Up Development and Reduce Maintenance

How well do you know your RPG and COBOL applications?

  • Enhanced Application Understanding: X-Analysis Advisor provides a clear understanding of your RPG and COBOL applications, including their code, data models, and the effects of system changes.
  • Visual Documentation: It automatically generates interactive graphical documentation, featuring charts and graphs, to offer a comprehensive 360-degree view of your applications.
  • Efficiency and Agility: By gaining valuable insights and streamlining the modification, maintenance, and testing processes for IBM i applications, you can respond to business needs more swiftly.

X-Analysis Advisor helps speed up IBM i development

  • Enhanced Development Speed: X-Analysis Advisor accelerates IBM i development by providing insights into the impact of code changes, ensuring confident decision-making.
  • Improved Testing Efficiency: With a focus on critical areas, this tool streamlines testing efforts, leading to faster project progression and reduced risks.
  • Quick Onboarding: X-Analysis Advisor facilitates the swift onboarding of new developers by offering a high-level graphical view of applications for easy navigation.

Key Features of X-Analysis Advisor:

Rule Extraction

Complete business rule repository to improve modularization:

  • Automatically analyze and extract every rule
  • Share rules across the business in structured English

Metrics for Code Complexity and Quality

Analysis to help you plan projects more accurately: 

  • Analyze complexity and identify possible problems 
  • Create metrics-based effort estimation models 

Complete Automated Documentation

  • Full documentation at a user-defined level of detail: Visualize applications with data flow diagrams 
  • Produce pseudo code for business analysts 


Applications sub-divided according to user-defined criteria: 

  • Manage all dependencies in your project 
  • Identify object usage across functional boundaries 

Data Models

Relational data model of your IBM i application databases: 

  • Automatically extracted from DDS, DB objects and source 
  • Provides a working model to support business and IT 


Powerful “where used” functions to track object use: 

  • Track all iterations and associated variables and fields 
  • Highlight every object affected by a change 

X-Analysis Advisor Subscription - Flexible and Affordable Options for Businesses of All Sizes

Trusted by 1000s of companies across industries, X-Analysis automates your application documentation & business rules extraction. Increase developers' productivity by up to 70% and feel confident making changes with powerful impact analysis. And, stakeholders in your company gain lightning-fast access to vital system analysis information, also in accessible formats.

Subscription License

Get full access to X-Analysis Advisor to manage, enhance and evolve your IBM i applications with confidence.

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$1250 per month
$14,995 billed annually / per Server
  • X-Analysis Advisor - all features and functionality 
  • Unlimited Developers and Users
  • Technical Support and access to knowledge base and customer portal
  • Access to X-Analysis Advisor virtual training/onboarding

Explore Flexible Licensing Options

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Whether you require custom licenses to meet your specific needs, opt for enterprise-level licensing, or are interested in unlimited licensing for your organization, X-Analysis Advisor provides a range of flexible options. Reach out to us, and our team will be delighted to provide further details about our tailored licensing models to suit your unique requirements.

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X-Analysis Solves Mysteries and Speeds IBM i Modernization for Royal Caribbean

Fresche Solutions' X-Analysis helped Royal Caribbean discover exactly what they had in millions of lines of code so they could clearly map out their IBM i modernization.
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