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A look at X-Analysis Advisor

Do you have everything you need to develop your RPG and COBOL applications?

Maintaining older RPG and COBOL applications on IBM i can be a challenge. These applications are often coded in a variety of styles by different developers and do not have up-to-date documentation. Fully integrated with RDi, X-Analysis Advisor analyzes code quality, extracts business rules and helps document your entire system: code, rules, data model, application and data flows, call structures and more.

X-Analysis Advisor helps everyone in your organization

Your entire organization can benefit from the valuable information in your RPG and COBOL applications. Developers will benefit from the technical features: code quality metrics, drill-downs through the call structure, business rule extraction, application areas, etc. But X-Analysis Advisor automatically analyzes your entire system and produces a wide variety of charts online or for export to Word, Visio or PDF, so everyone in the organization can easily access vital information.

X-Analysis Advisor

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A Glimpse of X-Analysis Advisor

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How X-Analysis Advisor can help you:

Measure code quality

Gain valuable insight into code quality through industry-standard metrics.

Understand business rules

Extract business rules into pseudo code or plain English for use throughout the organization

Document your system

Automatically generate charts that can be viewed online or exported to Word, Visio, etc.

Perform impact analysis

Quickly view all potential consequences of a code change in your system.

Improve planning

Subdivide applications according to user-defined criteria to focus effort

Understand the data model

Use a relational working model to support IT and the business

X-Analysis Advisor key technical features:

  • Metrics to measure code quality and complexity
  • Metrics to create effort estimation models for IT projects.
  • Complete automated documentation produced by an easy-to-use wizard that lets you customize the documentation content and format. View online or export to Word, Visio, etc.
  • Complete business rule extraction
  • Full integration with RDi
  • Application Areas to subdivide applications, manage dependencies, identify object usage and identify testing requirements

Some of our X-Analysis Advisor clients

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