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Rapid Free-Form RPG Application Development

X-Elevate is a rapid-development framework to build modular, next-gen, free-form RPG applications. Using templates to easily create APIs and web services to integrate with other systems and build responsive web and mobile applications.


Inside Every IBM i Monolith is a Modern Architecture Just Waiting to Get Out

What You Can Do With X‑Elevate

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Improve IT & business agility

Quickly generate modern free-form RPG code, that is easy to maintain and implement new features — gain agility and the ability to react quickly to market changes.

Deliver incremental modernization

Modernize legacy RPG programs to free-form RPG applications with multi-layer architecture. Gain consistency across teams with a template-based approach.


Integrate systems & share data

Exposes Db2 files as RESTful APIs, making it easy to share data with other systems, improve integration and make IBM i resources available to web and mobile users.

Leverage RPG skills & attract new talent

Templates help RPG developers create modular programs. The generated free-form RPG code can easily be learned by non-RPG developers and supports attracting new talent.

X-Elevate's template-based approach has allowed us to leverage existing skillsets while moving to a modern architecture and rapidly develop free-form RPG applications and APIs. The fact that it works with RDi is a huge plus for our team.

Current Client, Heartland Co-Op

Key Technical Features

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Template-based Approach

CRUD and Listing templates facilitate rapid development while ensuring consistency across the development team. This system allows for customization or the creation of new templates tailored to your business needs.

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RESTful API and Security

Incorporating a RESTful API and Security features, our system defines a library list for each endpoint, includes a RESTful router component, and provides an exit point for seamless integration with security frameworks.

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Multi-layered Modular Architecture

Our architecture creates reusable and scalable components, supporting modern, multi-tiered application designs and microservices. It offers a single access point to DB files, enhancing data integrity and accessibility.

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High-quality Consistent Code

Our system minimizes duplication and facilitates testing. It generates modern free-form RPG code that’s easy to maintain in an RPG editor, streamlining the maintenance process with support for DDL table long names.

Some of Our X-Analysis Clients

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