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Rapid RPG to Java/PHP Modernization

Modernize business applications to take advantage of Web, Mobile, SOA and Open Source technologies. X-Modernize automatically transforms RPG applications into modern, native Java or PHP applications.


What You Can Do with X-Modernize

Reduce Modernization Costs

X-Modernize enables you to convert your entire RPG and CL application environment to Java or PHP quickly and efficiently and for much lower cost than re-writing, re-architecting or replacing with a package.

Simplify & Standardize Technology

Application conversion and a standardized set of technologies addresses complexity, maintainability and the number of integration points. This reduces the skill sets required to maintain and manage application ecosystems.

Improve Agility

Converting your RPG applications to java or php opens up a world of possibilities: ability to meet rapidly changing business demands, in addition to easier integration with other systems. With greater agility comes more opportunity and improved operations

Access a New IT Resource Pool

Retiring resources is one of the biggest headaches facing IT directors in IBM i (AS/400) shops today. Valuable resources take decades of application and database knowledge with them, and aren’t easily replaced. Converting to modern languages opens your organization up to a world of new resources.

Open New Horizons

Older application environments contain decades of valuable information, business logic and customer data. But these precious resources are typically difficult to access when they are locked away in older technology, and are available only to personnel who are technically proficient.

Reduce Operational Costs

Cost savings are everywhere in a modernized system: reduced development and testing time, cheaper infrastructure and widely available resources. In addition, software licensing fees are often less expensive, reducing maintenance costs.

Key Technical Features

Generates standard, modern, highly portable and maintainable Java or PHP code

All functionality of applications converted to the modern target language

Automated approach reduces errors, ensures accuracy and eliminates human error

Provides highly responsive Web UI out-of-the-box

Compares original and recovered code – ensuring application continuity

Converts your programs to a modern architecture that uses latest technologies (AngularJS, React, Springboot, Hibernate, etc.).

Some of Our X-Analysis Clients

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