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Thoroughly Modern: How to Navigate IBM i Cloud Success – Beyond Migration

Thoroughly Modern: How to Navigate IBM I Cloud Success

The decision to migrate to the cloud is a vital part of an organization’s modernization endeavors. However, the true measure of success lies after the production applications go-live. To understand the critical role of a strategic plan, the measurements of success, and technical and process optimizations, it is essential for organizations to achieve operational excellence and realize the benefits of the IBM i cloud.

IBM i Cloud Environments: Private, Hybrid, and Public

In a previous article, we provided definitions of various cloud consumption models, but as a brief review, a cloud service is one that offers self-service, network access, resource pooling, elasticity, and measured service. These qualities can be delivered in the following ways.

  • Private: Dedicated infrastructure and/or applications that deliver direct control of resource consumption.
  • Hybrid: A strategy that leverages the strengths of both private and public clouds, and allows organizations to realize the benefits of each to address specific business needs and regulatory requirements.
  • Public: An environment entirely comprised of shared resources from third-party providers, that offer seamless elasticity and cost-efficiency.

The Strategic Plan: The Foundation Of Cloud Success

Before embarking on an IBM i cloud journey, it is essential to have a strategic plan. Just as Sir Edmund Hillary’s meticulous preparation was vital to the conquest of Mount Everest, a comprehensive plan is the foundation of a successful cloud migration.

The plan must define the purpose and success criteria for a cloud deployment and then identify all the elements required to achieve that success. Those items include personnel, economics, architecture, applications, connectivity, and security….read more on IT Jungle.

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