Code & Database Modernization

Solutions that align IT with your business goals and maximize the value of your IBM i

Easily Manage, Enhance and Evolve Your IBM i Applications

Your IBM i applications and databases have served your organization for decades and represent a storehouse of valuable business rules, operational procedures and customer data. However, it is now difficult to find resources who can maintain and develop the RPG, CA 2E (Synon) code and DDS data sources that form the structure of the storehouse. In addition, it can be challenging to integrate older languages with emerging technologies.


Modernizing your databases and converting your code to modern languages with automated tools can make your system accessible to new, non-IBM i programmers while preserving the functionality, business processes and structure of your applications. Automated conversion ensures quick, cost-effective and accurate migration to new languages and databases.

Advantages of Code & Database Modernization:

Automated Conversion
Leverage your existing applications and data with an automated conversion approach that modernizes to mainstream technology.

Greater Integration Opportunities
Take advantage of greater integration opportunities afforded by conversion to mainstream languages.

Platform Modernization
Modernize on the platform to reduce risk of working with older, less agile technology, while maintaining existing application functionality and IBM i reliability.

Solutions for the Entire Application Lifecycle.

RPG and CA 2E (Synon) to Modern Languages

Convert RPG and CA 2E (Synon) to modern languages to take advantage of recent technology, integration opportunities and more readily-available staff with modern skill sets.

Re-architecting / Rewriting

We offer a variety of tools to easily re-architect or rewrite your applications in modern languages, with a modern structure.


Our Unicode conversion solution provides fully Unicode-compliant applications to users on all platforms. It automates the process of converting Unicode to databases and all related programs and devices so that they are Unicode compliant.

DDS to

IBM no longer makes its newest database features available on DDS, so moving to DDL is essential. This allows you to take advantage of IBM’s latest database features while remaining on IBM i, and make data more easily available to users.

Database Re-architecting (without code changes)

Remodel, transform and modernize your database while ensuring access to new data structures – without needing to make changes to the application code.

Training, Planning & Development Services

Not enough time, resources or skills to do what you need? We provide training, jumpstart projects or do the whole thing for you. As little or as much help as you need to meet your IT goals.

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Need Help Finding the Right Solutions?



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