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IBM i Green Screen Modernization

Leverage Your Investment in IBM i by Giving Your RPG, COBOL and CA-2E (Synon) Applications a Modern, Mobile-Friendly User Interface.

Organizations are maximizing their investments in IT and aligning with business needs by modernizing the UI of their IBM i applications and extending ERPs to the web. This gives organizations a competitive advantage while providing employees, partners and clients with convenient access to information they need.

Delivering modern web and mobile applications offers advantages and add business value:

  • Increase end user productivity and improve workflows by providing direct access to applications
  • A familiar interface can reduce training costs
  • Using web technologies (such as open source, APIs and Cloud) provides opportunities to integrate with other systems and improves agility

Drive Better Business Value with IBM i Green Screen Modernization

Drive Revenue and Gain Competitive Advantage

Enabling customers and partners to place their own orders gives you a competitive advantage over organizations that still require customers to place orders over the phone.

Improve Business Processes with Mobile Devices

Deploying mobile IBM i applications allows you to extract even more value from the platform by providing users with remote, convenient access to applications.

Improve Workflows and Add New Functionality

Most often, organizations replace pen-and-paper processes by giving personnel direct access to web and mobile applications. This eliminates the need to rekey information and leads to significant time savings.

Anywhere, Anytime Access for Employees, Partners and Clients

You’ll provide better service by giving these users the capability to check inventory levels and place their own orders at their convenience.

Increase End User Productivity

A well-designed web application should perform better than a green screen and increase productivity by reducing keystrokes and errors.

Leverage IBM i Resources

Most organizations have the majority of the code, if not all of it, to run mobile and web functionality. Rather than thinking about building big, new, expensive and risky technologies, consider leveraging what you already have.

Future-Proof IBM i Applications

Modularizing your code and using an API-based approach improves the maintainability of your applications. These approaches all enable you to meet your current business needs while providing the agility to take advantage of future technologies, such as AI.

Reduce Training Costs and Onboarding Time

Not only are web applications similar to what people use on a daily basis, they also have consistent, mouse-driven navigation and intuitive input fields like drop down lists.

Integrate with Other Technologies, Platforms and Data Sources

Web applications are interoperable with other web technologies and enable you to provide a more seamless end user experience.

Fresche’s IBM i Green Screen Modernization Solutions

Different applications and desired outcomes warrant different solutions. At Fresche, our goal is to provide you with flexible green screen modernization solutions that meet your unique business needs. All of our solutions leverage your investment in your proven RPG, COBOL and CA-2E (Synon) applications and enable you to easily create modern web interfaces that improve productivity, drive revenue and offer an enhanced user experience.
Newlook is an integrated set of solutions that are designed to work together to simplify the process of modernizing IBM i applications. It provides all of the tools you need to modernize IBM i green screens including refacing, integration, web services, mobile and cloud enablement and more.
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Presto gives your IBM i green screens and new RPG programs a modern web GUI using the 5250 datastream or RPG Open Access. It also gives you endless opportunities to add new functionality, deploy mobile applications and integrate with other technologies.
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Web Application Development Services

Partner with Fresche to kickstart or complete your project. Our team of full-time IBM i and Fresche solution experts can help you improve workflows, integrate with other platforms, develop sophisticated applications and much more.
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Key Features

  • Flexible options with Newlook and Presto UI modernization solutions
  • Automatically deliver a modern UI that leverages your IBM i applications
  • Global rules to customize multiple screens at once
  • Visual designer to further enhance screens and add new functionality (e.g. autocompletes, images)
  • Support for APIs and web services to integrate with other technologies
  • Optional web portal to access modernized screens, new web applications and other IBM i resources

IBM i Green Screen UI Modernization eBook

Learn how IBM i web and mobile applications can add value to your organization by driving revenue, increasing competitive advantage and delighting end users.

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Reuse of existing IT investments cuts costs and improves dealer performance

“The enhanced dealer applications have improved our dealers’ service levels and have extended the life of applications by at least 5 years. The new IDAS platform supports web services and easy integration and extension with other desktop and server applications. This reuse strategy has enabled our dealers to continue to benefit from the business processes that have evolved with their input. Changing our processes to fit a particular package would have eliminated or reduced this competitive advantage.”
– Tjeu Bollen, IT Manager for Dealer Systems
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