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FastFax / QuadraDocV

Integrated Enterprise Fax and Email
Management Solution for IBM i

A Truly Integrated Enterprise Fax Solution

Whether your faxes are inbound, outbound, or based on a PC or terminal, FastFax has the security and reliability you need. FastFax eliminates the dependency on stand-alone fax machines, client-based fax solutions, and separate fax solutions for your different computing platforms. Send, receive, route, and manage mission-critical documents from within familiar business applications.

"Our environment is 95% virtual so we wanted a document management solution that would seamlessly integrate into our current strategy. By implementing Fresche's fax over IP solution, QuadraDocV, we are saving money on long distance and international charges. Choosing QuadraDocV was one of the best decisions we have made all year, the solution is flawless."

- Tyler Routliffe, Network Administrator, Contrans Group Inc.

What You Can Do With FastFax

Document Distribution

Routes, archives and manages critical documents.

Batch Processing

Supports batch faxing
and emailing.


Automatically files, purges and archives faxes.

High Availability

Less manual intervention required during disaster recovery.

Inbound Routing

Automates inbound routing via DID, DNIS, ANI, or TSI.

Simple Management

Manage fax users from a
single interface.

FastFax Modules

FastFax / Enterprise

A single fax management solution to fulfill all of your LAN and IBM i- (iSeries) based fax needs. FastFax/Enterprise is the only turnkey fax solution that handles all fax traffic from one central location. Inbound, outbound, PC, or terminal-based, FastFax/Enterprise has the security and reliability required for the most demanding environments.

FastFax / LAN

This automated fax solution transmits, receives, and manages all fax activity with client/server applications running on your Windows or Novell NetWare network. FastFax/LAN supports complete automation, management, and integration of fax messaging with email and business applications running on your network.

FastFax / Ultra

An advanced hardware and software solution, FastFax/Ultra supports complete fax integration with your line of business applications running on the IBM i. This automated fax solution transmits, receives, and manages all of your fax activity.

Ready to Go Virtual?


QuadraDocV, our virtual version of FastFax, is a highly flexible production-level virtual fax server that integrates directly with your document-generating enterprise applications to automatically send, receive, route, archive and manage your faxes. QuadraDocV eliminates the need for physical fax cards or a dedicated, physical fax server.

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QuadraDocV Private Cloud

QuadraDocV Private Cloud, powered by our award-winning virtual fax server QuadraDocV, is a highly flexible enterprise-level fax solution. It integrates directly with your document-generating applications and enables you to automatically send, receive, route, archive and manage your faxes under the security of your own network - all without on-premise fax hardware.

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