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IBM i Security Suite

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Security & Compliance for IBM i

If a ransomware attack occurs, are you confident that your AS/400 data is protected? With Fresche Security, you will simplify security management & SIEM integration, achieve regulatory compliance, and easily monitor system access.

Comprehensive IBM i Security, Auditing & Intrusion Detection

Business-critical data on IBM i is not immune to ransomware, cybercrimes, and data theft. Key areas of exposure include the files and directories in your IFS and network connectivity such as ODBC, FTP, web server applications, and other socket connections. Use the Fresche Security Suite to increase governance and compliance, mitigate risk, and deliver greater operational efficiency.

Ransomware Protection

Monitor traffic to your IBM i through exit point connections like FTP telnet and ODBC, as well as socket layer access.

Exit Point Security

Lock down, monitor, and get real-time notifications about your exit points and access pre-defined security compliance reports.

Compliance & Auditing

Easily ensure compliance with industry standards and streamline auditing processes for enhanced regulatory adherence.

Data Encryption

Encrypt, mask, and scramble field values so you can protect your data and comply with security regulations such as PCI and HIPAA. Get real-time alerts when sensitive data is accessed.

Intrusion Detection & SIEM Integration

Identify the right data to analyze and get alerts to security incidents as they occur to stop intrusions and minimize internal and external threats.

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Implement an extra layer of security on user account access by requiring token entry in addition to passwords.

Secure Your IBM i

Uniquely created for IBM i, the Fresche Security Suite provides complete system monitoring capabilities to quickly uncover malware, malicious code, and potential threats. Designed for ease of use, the software comes with a modern intuitive dashboard that provides real-time alerts, allowing you to deal with internal and external threats proactively.

Subscription License


billed annually per server (P05, P10, P20, P30)

What’s included:

  • Full access to all features and modules: TGCentral, TGSecure, TGAudit, TGDetect, TGEncrypt, and TGMFA
  • Unlimited users
  • Technical support & onboarding
  • No upgrade/ transfer fees
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Custom Licenses

Enterprise/ Unlimited

Flexible Terms

Fresche Security is also available via flexible one-time or unlimited licensing models for enterprises.

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IBM i Security Services

Work with experienced security professionals who identify vulnerabilities, prioritize fixes, and help improve your security position.

Security AssessmentStarting as low as $0 Security Strategy ConsultingSpeak with an expert Security Consulting20 hours at $5000 (expert services bundle)
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Conduct an IBM i Security Audit Today

Know where you stand by performing an IBM i security audit with the Fresche TGSecurity Suite. With just a few clicks, evaluate 47 critical points and access the results in a clear and concise pass/fail format.

Free IBM i Security Audit

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