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Fuel Your 2024 IT Strategies:
Essential Modernization Webinars

As you step into the new year, explore this curated set of educational sessions hosted by IBM i experts, designed to inspire innovative IT strategies in 2024 and guide you through an evolving landscape.

Encryption: The Last Line of Defense for Your IBM i Data

The potential consequences of a data breach are substantial – IBM i security experts Carol Woodbury and Pauline Ayala explore the escalating threat of cyberattacks on sensitive data in this session. Gain an understanding of the attacks that target data, how to implement encryption as a proactive measure, and get insights that bolster your defenses so you can mitigate risks associated with data breaches.

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Proven Modernization Strategies for IT and IBM i Applications

What does IBM i modernization mean to you? Perhaps it’s a simple interface tweak or deploying a mobile app. But for many, the scope is broad, involving modern tech for agility, cloud hosting for scalability, or AI for process improvements. Review this session by Chris Koppe where he emphasizes the importance of starting with a strategic plan that aligns with business goals. He explores opportunities for process enhancement, steps to build a comprehensive strategy, and discusses incremental approaches to achieve quick wins.

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Bridge the IBM i (AS/400) Skills Gap with Application Support Services

As your seasoned RPG and COBOL programmers retire, finding qualified resources can be challenging. Ambrose Marton and Doug Artis lead this insightful session on leveraging IBM i application support services to bridge that gap. Discover the effectiveness of ‘fractional’ resourcing, support for various packaged applications, and rapid onboarding with automated documentation. Learn from success stories and address common concerns like covering sick programmers or struggling with replacements.

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Implementing Zero Trust Security on Your IBM i

In response to evolving cyber threats, companies are increasingly adopting a zero trust approach. Review this session led by security experts Carol Woodbury and Pauline Ayala to better understand the idea of zero trust security on IBM i. The discussion also covers implementation strategies, emphasizing the need for strong authentication, device validation, system activity monitoring, encryption, and MFA to protect against internal & external security threats.

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IBM i Application Intelligence and 60% Productivity Gains

X-Analysis, a tool trusted by developers across many industries, helps you unlock the full potential of IBM i applications and data. Review this technical session to explore its capabilities – industry expert Ray Everhart guides you through a quick start with the tool, explores impact analysis, real-time documentation, business rules extraction, data insights, and code quality assessment. You’ll also learn how X-Analysis empowers IT leaders to make better business decisions and boosts developer productivity by up to 60%.

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Why IBM i (AS/400) Remote Managed Services is the Future of IT Support

Dealing with the challenges of retiring IBM i skillsets, limited resources, and growing business demands? Raymond Hammell highlights how you can optimize IBM i operations, reduce costs, and enhance availability with 24x7x365 support, remote NOC and SOC monitoring, backup processes, and disaster recovery. He also discusses ways to free up your IT resources for core business tasks.

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How to Develop Web and Mobile Applications on IBM i with WebSmart

In this comprehensive technical demo, Greg Patterson introduces WebSmart, a tool that helps RPG developers to quickly create web & mobile applications on IBM i. You will see him explore templates generating HTML, CSS, PHP, or RPG ILE, ways to leverage WebSmart’s IDE and productivity features, and delves into real-world examples like B2B order entry, eCommerce, invoicing, and inquiries.

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Keep learning: Check out more educational webinars led by industry experts here and stay up to date on the latest IBM i trends.

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