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No Skills? No Problem.

Many companies have difficulty finding staff with IBM i and HP-UX skills to maintain and enhance their systems. In some cases, retiring resources take with them all technical knowledge of business-critical applications and leave the company with no one trained to take care of the system. In other instances, small teams with large workloads must postpone IT projects or extend deadlines. That’s why our flexible portfolio of services lets you hire our IBM i and HP-UX experts to help with anything you need: maintenance, new development or modernization. Our experts can work as part of your team, or you can choose to let us manage the whole project. We’ll help with as much or as little as you need – we’ve got your back in every situation.

Advantages of our Staffing & Application Services:

Replace retiring staff

Replace retiring staff with highly skilled resources to reduce risk and quickly onboard with little to no knowledge transfer.

Get More Done

Complete projects that may require a wide variety of skills, and free up your internal resources for key new projects.

IT Resources

Reduce your IT backlog with resources who have decades of experience with business application development, and who can also act as valuable backup.
jf fabrics

JF Fabrics Solves Risk of Retiring IBM i Resources

JF Fabrics is the leading Canadian wholesaler/distributor of home decorative fabrics, tapes and trim, drapery hardware, wallcovering and area rugs. Their highly diversified customer base numbers 15,000 globally and includes large retailers, designers, upholsters and manufacturers in both the retail and hospitality sectors. JF Fabrics runs an IBM i-based ERP application to manage critical business functions.
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Service Models to Suit Your Needs


Finding skilled, knowledgeable IBM i and other IT resources can be tough. Instead of recruiting and training new employees each time you need extra help, you can hire professionals from Fresche to work as part of your team.

  • Access a pool of highly experienced professionals bringing best IT practices. Fresche can provide:
    • IBM i resources knowledgeable in RPG, COBOL, Synon, PHP, Java and other languages.
    • Experts for your legacy systems, with decades of experience using HP-UX, MPE, OpenVMS, and Powerhouse (on all platforms), and more.
  • Hours and length of contract are flexible, so you can save money and the time you would have spent searching for the right person.
  • Fresche professionals working with your team are backed up by other Fresche resources trained in your system, and our whole team is available to provide expert advice.
  • You maintain complete control of your projects, and employ our resources in the way that makes most sense for your business.

Application Services

Sometimes, the best approach is to completely outsource part or all of your IT activities, whether that means outsourcing your whole IT operation, or just an end-to-end project.

  • Our amazing team of skilled IBM i professionals have an average of 20 years of experience in IBM i languages and databases.
  • The collective knowledge of our growing services team is backed up 40 years of experience with coding standards, formalized prioritization processes, regular governance reviews and dashboards of key performance indicators.
  • We take on full responsibility of your IT as an extension of your organization.
  • We are committed to delivering successful outcomes measured by the service levels you define.

Services & Staff To Support Your Needs

Application Development & Testing

Our specialists save you time and money on new development by taking advantage of our analysis and productivity tools, which guarantee accuracy and code quality.
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Web & Mobile

Want to take your IBM i applications to the Web and to mobile devices? Our application specialists can do that and much more with the support of tools like Newlook Suite, Presto and WebSmart.
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Sharing data and functionality between IBM i and other applications reduces redundancy, improves user satisfaction, increases productivity and ensures the accuracy of your data. Our application services team relies on automated tools that deliver accurate and quick results.
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Application Support and Enhancement

Our specialists can quickly learn your applications, implement changes to your code and improve maintainability and code quality by using proven tools that map, document and analyze your applications and perform automated impact analysis.


Your IBM i can do anything your business requires, and our application specialists know how. Develop Web services, take your applications to the cloud, move to a modern database, migrate to an open source language or just modernize your green screens with the help of our experts and tools.
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Training, Planning & Development Services

Not enough time, resources or skills to do what you need? We provide training, jumpstart projects or do the whole thing for you. As little or as much help as you need to meet your IT goals.
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