IBM i analysis and productivity tools to maximize the value from your RPG, COBOL and CA 2E Synon applications


Ensuring the Continuity and Quality of Your IBM i (AS 400) Applications


For over 25 years, thousands of IBM i developers have turned to X-Analysis to better understand, maintain, enhance and evolve billions of lines of RPG, COBOL and CA 2E (Synon) code. The suite has everything you need to manage your IBM i application lifecycle, fully understand your data model and modernize your code and databases.


Maintaining and modernizing your system, while continuing to align IT with your business needs, can be costly and risky. X-Analysis tools are instrumental in preserving detailed information about your IBM i, assessing the risk of managing, maintaining and modernizing your code base, improving development quality and reaching your business goals.

A Look at the X-Analysis Suite

X-Analysis is a comprehensive suite that provides everything you need to understand, manage and improve your IBM i applications. It allows you to be more productive, make informed business decisions and automate your modernization process.


The suite provides detailed analysis and interactive diagrams that enable an in-depth understanding of RPG, COBOL, and CA 2E (Synon) applications and data. It is used to document, analyze and describe systems in a simple manner that can then be shared throughout the organization, even with members who are not technical. IT professionals can use the suite to extract business rules, audit code quality, perform impact analysis, modernize applications and databases, resize fields, and more.

Application Understanding and Analysis Modules

Gain insight into your RPG and COBOL applications with automated graphical documentation, charts, impact analysis and data modeling.
Cross-referencing and documentation of languages such as Java,PHP and PowerBuilder
X-Analysis Professional - Automated graphical documentation and impact analysisAutomated and interactive analysis, documentation and impact analysis for RPG and COBOL applications on IBM i.
X-Datatest, Data & Test ManagementTest data automation and management, including data subsetting, masking, aging, integrity checking and regression testing.
X-Audit, Audit, Quality & Change ManagementAuditing of core application functionality - including design, quality and complexity - to identify and change problematic areas in the application.
X-Resize, Field ResizingResizing of fields in IBM i applications; includes detailed impact analysis to ensure that resizing efforts do not cause problems.
X-Rules, Business RulesBusiness rule extraction and documentation of application processes and flows. Provides a highly structured repository of business rules written in easily readable code.
X-2E Analysis, CA 2E AnalysisEverything required to analyze and document CA 2E applications, extract business rules and audit code quality.

Code & Database Modernization Modules

X-DB Modernize, Database ModernizationAutomated conversion of DDS to DDL, including creation of constraints, long field names and views. Includes detailed impact analysis
X-2E Modernize, X-Modernize, Application ModernizationRPG and CA 2E (Synon) automatically converted to Java with a modern architecture. Generates MVC code from RPG or CA 2E designs.

X-Analysis Suite: Key Features

Automated Documentation

Automated graphical documentation makes it easy for IT and business analysts to visualize and understand application design and flow through interactive charts and graphs.

Powerful Impact Analysis

Powerful impact analysis tracks “where used” information starting from a single field or variable through numerous iterations and associated variables and fields.

Access to your data model

Extraction of relational data models from RPG, COBOL and SYNON application environments facilitates database modernization efforts and re-engineering projects.

Key Design & Quality Metrics

Design, quality and complexity metrics help you measure and track program complexities against benchmarks such as Cyclomatic, Halstead, and Maintainability Index.

Automated Documentation of Business Rules

Extraction of business rules from RPG/COBOL applications enables you to cross-reference, view and understand the critical logic that forms the nucleus of the business.

Automated Application Conversion

RPG/COBOL/SYNON and database conversion allows you to transform legacy assets into modern languages and databases quickly, without exposing the business to risk.

Some of our X-Analysis clients

X-Analysis has been used to analyze over one billion lines of code by thousands of users around the world. Following are just a few valued clients who have used X-Analysis Professional or its complementary modules to enhance or evolve their IBM i environment: