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IBM i Analysis and Productivity Tools

Maximize the value from your RPG, COBOL and CA 2E Synon applications. The suite has everything you need to manage your IBM i application lifecycle, fully understand your data model, and modernize your code and databases.

Ensuring the Continuity and Quality of Your IBM i (AS/400) Applications

For 25+ years, X-Analysis has empowered thousands of IBM i developers comprehend, enhance, and evolve RPG, COBOL, and CA 2E (Synon) code. The suite helps you manage your IBM i lifecycle, understand your data model, and modernize your code and databases. While modernization efforts aligning IT with business needs can get expensive and risky, the X-Analysis suite preserves detailed IBM i data, assesses risk, and enhances development quality, enabling you to achieve business goals.

4-Part Series: Application Understanding

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Application understanding

A Look at the X-Analysis Suite

Lines of code on screen

Automated Documentation

IT and business analysts can easily visualize and understand application design and flow through interactive charts and graphs.

Rectangles connected by lines

Powerful Impact Analysis

Track “where used” information starting from a single field or variable through numerous iterations and associated variables and fields.

Line graph on a screen

Access to Your Data Model

Extract relational data models from RPG, COBOL & SYNON application environments to facilitate database modernization efforts & re-engineer projects.

Screen with dial

Key Design & Quality Metrics

Track design, quality, and complexity metrics to measure program complexities against benchmarks such as Cyclomatic, Halstead, and Maintainability Index.


Documentation of Business Rules

Extract business rules from RPG/COBOL applications to cross-reference, view, and understand the critical logic that forms the nucleus of your business.

Code transformation

Code Conversion

RPG/COBOL/SYNON and database conversion allows you to transform legacy assets into modern languages and databases quickly, without exposing the business to risk.

X-Analysis Suite Modules

X-Analysis View

Equip RPG & COBOL developers with application and data insights.

X-Analysis Advisor

Analyze code quality, extract business rules, and document your entire system.


A comprehensive data and test management solution for large IBM i applications.


Flexible, highly-automated tool test your 5250 screens during development.


Automate field resizing in the affected programs on your IBM i.

X-2E Analysis

Automate graphical documentation, business rule extraction, and application metrics.


Rapid development tool to build modular, next-gen, free-form RPG applications.


Automated conversion tool that transforms RPG applications to modern languages.

X-DB Transform

Convert data types, remodel table structure, and convert DDS to DDL.

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