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X-DB Transform

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Automatic Conversion of DDS to DDL

Convert DDS to DDL, remodel table structures, and convert data types; this provides access to all the latest database features from IBM.


How X-DB Transform Transform Can Help You

Improve performance/integrity

Performance is enhanced on DDL and includes increased security features; data integrity features are significantly enhanced on DDL.

Automatically convert DDS to DDL

X-DB Transform handles all aspects of the conversion automatically, ensuring accuracy and completeness with little manual effort.

Improve access to information

Modernizing your database provides your organization with a data source that is easily available to the whole organization.

Resolve issues early

Interactive reports give you complete pre-conversion analysis and source lists for objects that may be problematic, ensuring a clean and accurate conversion to DDL.

Find new resources

New DBAs are far more familiar with the DDL structure, and resources who know DDS are becoming more difficult to find.

Begin your modernization journey

Modernized databases are one of the first steps in the process of making information available through different means — modern UIs, mobile, cloud.

Key Technical Features

Performs problem analysis: highlights PF files with non-unique keys, 0-members files, etc.

Auto recovery of constraints, long names and views, etc., complete conversion process.

Normalizes tables, standardizes naming, eliminates redundancy, corrects duplicates, etc.

Converts datatypes – for example, character or numeric types into date/time types

Migrates to the new format to your specifications: tables, number of records, merges/splits, etc.

Helps with database management: data integrity checker, identifies orphaned records, etc.

Some of Our X-Analysis Clients

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