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How 2020 is changing the way that companies approach digital transformation

What is Digital Transformation and why is it so critical? From discussions I’ve had with many, it seems to be a buzzword that is often related to technologies and not to something tangible, business and human-focused. Let’s look at one of the more popular definitions from leading market analysts Gartner.
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How IBM i Shops Are Benefitting from Outsource Solutions

Dwindling IBM i skillsets. Experienced talent heading to retirement. What else is new? This ongoing concern for IBM i shops is highlighted daily in numerous ways. For example, how many times have you heard...
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DDS to DDL Table Conversion - SQL Database

DDS Physical Files to DDL Table Conversion – Why?

Have you ever thought about modernizing your database? A lot of IBM i companies have replaced the green screen with a graphical interface and converted their legacy monolithic programs into […]
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Java and i (Part 2) – Running Spring Boot App on IBM i

Nevertheless, a Spring Boot app is usually deployed in a home folder that is organized as shown below. Let’s take boottest app as an example in Qshell.
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Happy 31st Birthday, IBM i

Happy birthday, IBM i. What’s the significance of this celebration that June 21st has for the IBM i community? IBM chose the release date of the AS/400 to celebrate the start of what has become the modern IBM i on Power Systems platform. So there’s an evolution. It happened to be the 21st of June 1988, and today, June 21, 2019, is the 31st birthday.
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Top 5 Reasons to Replace Your IBM i Forms Solution

Your homegrown applications, legacy ERP systems and even your trusted Query/400 tool remain a core part of your business systems. Invoices, purchase orders, labels and checks generated from these solutions […]
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target goals

The Joy of Discovery

We, in Fresche’s Web Application Development team, are frequently called upon to consider a new business application, and estimate how much it will cost to build it.
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Java and i (Part 1) – How to Connect Spring Boot to the IBM Db2 for i Database

Introduction: Connect Spring Boot to the IBM Db2 for i Database This is the first part of a series of technical articles about Java and IBM i integration, called "Java […]
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Data model

True Confessions of a Former DBA Denier

In the early 2000s, I was responsible for competitive analysis for IBM’s AS/400, then iSeries and now IBM i platform.  On one level, the job was simple: demonstrate how IBM […]
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