Revitalize your IBM i applications by creating multi-channels GUIs straight from your RPG code.

All the power of RPG, without the constraints of 5250

Openlook for RPG OA enables native RPG code (minus the 5250) to connect with modern devices, platforms and applications, including cloud-based technologies.


Openlook enables RPG developers to create multiple UIs using a single handler. RPG OA code can be blended with existing 5250 applications to ensure a strategic path that includes modernization and extension of the applications. Openlook eliminates the need to work with the 5250 data stream, enabling multi-channel UXs to be created directly from the RPG code.

Multi-channel GUIs

Openlook lets you develop multi-channel GUIs from a single RPG program to increase business agility and to deliver a wide variety of access points to your users.

Full RPG OA Support

A drag-and-drop designer lets you easily create a UX for new RPG OA functionality. Automated enablement of existing RPG code for Open Access and developer tools helps you connect your existing RPG with modern devices, platforms and applications — including the cloud.

Optimal user experience

Multi-channel support that delivers the optimum user experience for multiple audiences, GUIs and devices including:

  • Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer et Safari
  • iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS et Windows Phone

Blend New and Old

Revitalize your applications with Openlook. RPG Open Access gives you the ability to create new functionality in RPG with modern architecture. You can enable your existing code or seamlessly blend OA and non-OA applications in the same session.

Developer Object Control

With Openlook’s DOM Control, your developers can continue coding the same way they always have, while directly creating a modern interface from within the RPG. Business logic is retained in the code, with lists populated, images embedded, and layout determined by the developer.

Open Standards

Openlook fully conforms to the IBM-endorsed Open Standard for RPG. This allows your DDS to be retained in a non-proprietary format and enables you to create modern, elegant applications without being locked into any vendor. You retain the security of having full control of your application’s future, while being able to take advantage of the most powerful RPG Open Access support available.

How Openlook can help you:

Reduce cost

Reuse existing applications rather than replacing them to enjoy significant savings in cost and effort

Reduce risk

Reuse proven existing applications and technologies; use OA and non-OA code in the same UI and session

Protect your investment

Follow IBM’s strategic path to ensure that your applications continue to support your business and keep pace with new technologies

Automate modernization

Use Openlook to help automate RPG OA enablement of existing RPG code and separate business logic from the UI

Improve productivity

View system displays and RPG displays in the same session, and leverage new technologies for performance improvements

Use open standards

Create modern, elegant applications without being locked into any vendor, and without changing coding practices

Openlook key technical features:

  • Multi-channel GUIs delivered from a single RPG program.
  • Updates to looksoftware’s IDE to support RPG OA functionality.
  • Ability to blend RPG OA code with existing traditional 5250 code to produce a seamless, consistent UX.
  • Automated enablement of existing RPG code for Open Access and developer tools.
  • A drag and drop designer to easily create UX for new RPG OA functionality.
  • A single generic RPG OA handler that supports looksoftware’s complete range of multi-channel modernization and development products, including:
    • Newlook Smartclient
    • Newlook Server
    • Services Web Newlook

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