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Migrate 3GL Applications from HP 3000

Automatically convert code for new compilers, so developers don’t need to modify their MP-specific code. The combination of AMXW’s automated code conversion, MPE shell, and Intrinsics libraries gets you up and running quickly.

What You Can Do With AMXW

Code crunching automates conversion

Automatically converts MPE and compiler-specific 3GL code to work with new compilers, environments, and platforms by modifying, removing, or adding code, thus minimizing manual work.

Database capabilities afford quick migration

Migrates TurboIMAGE, Allbase, KSAM, & flat file databases to a variety of target databases & file systems (Oracle, SQL Server, Eloquence, DB2, Sybase, Informix, Ingres, C-ISAM, D-ISAM, and Micro Focus file systems).

Compatible intrinsics library leaves code intact

Supports MPE and database intrinsics, eliminating the need to modify intrinsics calls, allowing the applications to run on the new platform and access the new database or file type.

MPE shell runs MPE commands

The shell supports MPE commands & concepts. It runs MPE-specific functionality, such as JCL batch jobs, UDCs, command files, & MPE utilities (e.g. FCOPY). It also supports UNIX, Linux, and Windows native commands, facilitating a gradual transition to more native equivalencies.

MPE file support for other platforms

You can continue to use KSAM & other flat files on other platforms. AMXW migrates KSAM files to equivalent file systems or RDBMSs. It also supports the most common use of flat file access (Sequential, Temporary, Catalog, Byte stream, & Message files).

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Most HP e3000 applications written in COBOL, SPL, C, FORTRAN, Protos, or Pascal are specifically tailored to the MPE environment and as such, rely on several compiler extensions and MPE concepts. Companies must therefore acquire new compilers and adapt or replace code, databases and intrinsics that are MPE-specific.

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AMXW Solves the Migration Challenge

AMXW includes all of the tools necessary to rise to the challenge. It automatically converts code for new compilers, so developers don’t need to modify their MP-specific code. The combination of AMXW’s automated code conversion, MPE shell, and Intrinsics libraries gets you up and running on your new platform in no time.

With AMXW, the MPE, VPLUS, & Image intrinsic calls are unaltered and continue to function natively in the new environment without harming performance. MPE specifics, such as JCL batch jobs, file equations, JCW, UDCs, command files, & variables are all supported—allowing the MPE environment to run as is on the new platform.

HP e3000 Modernization

Fresche has a complete solution set for HP e3000 platform migration. We have a variety of tools and services to migrate applications and data sources from the HP e3000 to modern platforms, including HP-UX and Windows. As an HP Platinum Migration Partner, we have performed more HP e3000 migrations than any other company. In addition to our toolset, we have strong relationships with all other HP e3000 migration tool vendors, and offer front-line support for a number of their products.

The following are some additional products we develop or support:

DBmotion: Simple but Powerful Database Migration

Speedware Autobahn II is an affordable enterprise-scale Web development platform designed for rapid deployment of Web applications on the HP e3000, HP-UX, and Windows platforms. It is based on open Web architecture and allows users to develop secure, scalable, and robust Web applications – at a fraction of the price of other enterprise-scale development tools.

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Eloquence: Integrated Development & Runtime Environment

Many companies rely on TurboIMAGE to manage their data on the HP e3000. Migrating to Eloquence, a system that is based on TurboIMAGE and is compatible with UNIX, Windows, or Linux environments, is an intuitive process. Developed and supported for the past 14 years by one of Fresche’s business partners, Eloquence’s compatibility with TurboIMAGE provides an easy and cost-effective migration path for HP e3000 business applications.

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