Transform spool files into modern, branded documents without coding

IBM i spool files play a vital role in your document output process, but alone they are plain and time consuming to manipulate and distribute. Many companies simply print their spool files on expensive pre-printed forms, which can cost thousands in paper, printer supplies and distribution time. This also offers no flexibility for the company to automatically edit or customize documents.

Automatic IBM i Spool File Beautification and Distribution

Formtastic is an easy-to-use document automation solution that enables you to custom design forms, checks, and bar code labels from a desktop-based interface designer. From there, Formtastic extracts spooled data from your IBM i and inserts it into a new business form. You can then automatically fax, email, print or store the newly formatted electronic document within a network.

What You Can Do With Formtastic


Clean and condense spool

Formatter is a Formastic add-on module that allows you to optimize spool by removing blank lines. It concatenates and repositions text fields and merges data from DB2 files, all without requiring coding.


Deliver documents automatically

Use Email Gateway directly from Formtastic or complementary products QuadraDocV (Virtual enterprise FoIP solution) or Nexus Web Portal to provide secure web access from any device.

Predesigned Overlays

FormPacks integrates with ERPs

Use pre-designed and pre-mapped overlays for major systems, including: Forms: PeopleSoft, Infor, JD Edwards, etc.; Checks: MICR and ACH Deposits; Labels: Shipping, inventory, barcodes and more.

Beautiful out of the box templates

Formtastic - how it works

How Formtastics works

A look at Formtastic

Extract spooled data from your IBM i

How Formtastic can help you:

Create Professional Forms

Transforms traditional pre-printed documents into customized and organized forms

Extract Spool File Data

Extracts spool file data from your IBM i and remaps it into a newly created digital document

Use Pre-designed Overlays

Pre-designed and pre-mapped overlays for major applications give you immediate results

Improve Integration

Integrates with any untethered signature capture device, including iPad and iPhone

Improve Distribution

Pre-sorts using designated criteria, making documents easier to review and distribute

Provide Web Access

Enables secure web access to documents from any device via Nexus Portal

Formtastic key technical features:

  • Automatically manages document changes between connected clients and the IBM i
  • Pre-sorts spool files using designated criteria, making documents easier to review and distribute
  • Requires no coding or development
  • Integrates data from data files and further conditions, condenses and removes blank lines and pages using Formatter module
  • Conditionally modifies objects, images, layouts and distribution based on spool file data
  • Formtastic 10 Design Client supports all versions of Windows supported by Microsoft, including Windows 7, 8 and 10

Some of our Formtastic clients

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