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Mainframe Solutions

Db2 Tools & Expertise

Our suite of Db2 tools equips application developers with the right resources, enhancing productivity and quality gains. TestBase, an integrated Db2 testing workbench, enables faster, safer, and more effective testing.

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Advantages of Using Our Mainframe Solutions

Accelerate Complex Db2 SQL Coding

Simplify query SQL creation with Db2 Query Build’s intuitive interface for joining SQL, subqueries, UNIONs, and more.

Efficiently Debug SQL within Source Code

Debug SQL within an ISPF Edit or View session using Db2 SQL Debug, enhancing accuracy and performance analysis.

Optimize Testing with Subset Test Data

Speed up test setup with Db2 Subset, extracting and loading replayable subsets of production data.

Ensure Data Privacy with Masking

Safeguard sensitive data like Social Security numbers and names using Db2 Mask for privatized test data.

Flexible Test Data Management with Db2 Edit

Customize test cases using Db2 Edit in familiar ISPF sessions, making quick adjustments to test data.

Access Db2 Catalog Data without Contention

Retrieve vital Db2 catalog data without lock contention using Db2 Catalog Guide, aiding deployment and testing.

Proactively Address SQL Performance

Identify poorly performing SQL statements with Db2 Batch Analyzer, resolving performance issues without delays.

Batch Processing Efficiency

Streamline batch jobs using Db2 Attach from Fresche, integrating seamlessly with IBM Attach.

Mitigate Db2 Lock Contention

Resolve Db2 lock contention issues promptly with Db2 DeadLock Advisor’s detailed messages, aiding conflict resolution.

Db2 Products on z/OS

Fresche Solutions offers a variety of tools under the TestBase umbrella for development, testing, and Db2 application deployment. This completely integrated Db2 testing workbench allows you to quickly extract realistic test data in convenient quantities and then provide self-service data to all application testers. TestBase also will secure all sensitive or confidential data in your Db2 testing environment.




Want To See Our Db2 Solutions In Action?

Request a demo tailored to your specific needs and see how our tools can enhance your application development, testing, and performance optimization on z/OS.

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